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Julia Sloan

A leading authority on the cognitive aspect of strategic thinking, Dr. Sloan is widely recognized for her pioneering work on the application of complex cognitive theory to everyday global strategy practice. She is the author of the definitive book, Learning to Think Strategically (3rd ed., forthcoming, 2016), has been a contributing author to two books, has written 22 privately commissioned articles, and contributed 34 unpublished papers to think tanks and corporations.


Having served as a lecturer on strategic thinking at the Brookings Institute, Julia has also been named as part of the Distinguished Lecturer Series at the Mohammed bin Rashid Schools of Government (Dubai). She teaches strategic thinking at Columbia University and holds a faculty appointment at the Central University of Finance and Economics (Beijing). Julia has guest lectured at MIT and Harvard university (US), Keio University (Japan), Beijing University (China), King Saud University, Institute for Public Administration (Saudi Arabia), UN Staff College and UN Logistics Base (Italy), and the India Institute of Management (India). The recipient of a Researcher in Residence fellowship, Julia has also been honored with a Faculty Excellence Award and Outstanding Teaching Award.

Julia's research interests include strategic thinking in relation to learning theory. Her scholarship is focused on strategic thinking for leadership development, characterized by an innovative, unconventional, interdisciplinary approach drawn from cognitive and leadership theory within a post-modern global environment. Her global practice consists of facilitating corporate seminars on learning to think strategically.

As a result of her research on strategic thinking, Julia is a frequent keynote speaker


    Doctorate, Columbia University, NYC

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    strategic thinking, learning theory, drawing as it relates to cognitive development, the arts in relation to learning strategic thinking

Personal Interests

    music, dance, hiking, kayaking, traditional tea ceremonies


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