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Meredeth Turshen

Rutgers University

Meredeth Turshen’s work on public health issues in Africa, Europe and the USA focuses on women’s health, AIDS and occupational health. Her concerns encompass the privatisation of health services and NGOs delivery of health care. Her current research is on the experience of women in African conflicts; she edited two books and organised two international conferences on the aftermath of civil war, and published Gender and the political economy of conflict in Africa: the persistence of violence.

Subjects: Area Studies


Meredeth Turshen is a Professor in the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University. Her research interests include women and war, international health, women’s health and public health policy, and she specializes in African affairs. She has written five books, The political ecology of disease in Tanzania (1984), The politics of public health (1989), and Privatizing health services in Africa (1999), all published by Rutgers University Press, Women’s health movements: a global force for change (2007) published by Palgrave Macmillan, and Gender and the political economy of conflict in Africa: the persistence of violence (2016) published by Routledge; she has edited six other books, Women and health in Africa (Africa World Press, 1991), Women's lives and public policy: the international experience (Greenwood, 1993), What women do in wartime: gender and conflict in Africa (Zed Books, 1998), which was translated into French as Ce que font les femmes en temps de guerre : genre et conflit en Afrique (L'Harmattan, 2001), African women's health (Africa World Press, 2000), The aftermath: women in postconflict transformation (Zed Books, 2002), and African women: a political economy (Palgrave Macmillan 2010). She has served on the Board of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, as Treasurer of the Committee for Health in Southern Africa, as contributing editor of the Review of African Political Economy, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Public Health Policy.

Meredeth Turshen is also a life-long painter who exhibits widely in the New York metropolitan area. Her work can be seen at and


    DPhil. University of Sussex, 1975

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Research interests include women and war, international health, women’s health, public health policy, and African affairs.

Personal Interests

    African art, classical and contemporary



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Gender and the Political Economy of Conflict: Turshen - 1st Edition book cover


Women, War and Peace in Africa: A Reflection on the Past 20 Years

Published: Jan 24, 2015 by
Authors: Meredeth Turshen
Subjects: Asian Studies

This contribution takes the analysis of wartime violence against women out of an individualised context and puts it into the realm of war economies, which are highly criminalised and globalised. Protracted African wars have wrenched women, children and men from their everyday productive activities, rites and celebrations and pitched them into states of violent turmoil, confused movement, precarious existence and deep grief unrelieved by the normal symbols of mourning.

Third World Quarterly

A Global Partnership for Development and Other Unfulfilled Promises of the Mille

Published: Jan 24, 2014 by Third World Quarterly
Authors: Meredeth Turshen
Subjects: Area Studies

This article revisits the MDGs laying out a critical analysis and focusing on Millennium Goal 8, the global partnership for development. It argues that the absence of any goal to reset the asymmetrical power relations between the North and the South reveals the limitations of the endeavour.