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Kenneth Bainey

President and CIO/CTO
KBAINEY IT Professional Services

Kenneth R. Bainey, is a senior information technology (IT) professional, with 35 years of industry experience, performing leadership roles in performance management and implementation of business application systems in private, public, and academic sectors in Canada and United States. He has functioned as CIO and IT management consultant at many organizations in both countries, where he implemented various components of this integrated IT performance management (IPMF-IT)™ framework.


Ken Bainey, retired  CIO at the Government of Alberta (GoA) for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Transportation with 35 years of "hands-on" IT experience. He has been in a CIO leadership position for ten years, using open and influential leadership styles, resulting in various Innovations and GoA Premier's Awards of Excellence.

He has worked in the public sector (Government of Alberta) and private sectors, which included some of the largest companies in Canada and USA: Canadian Pacific Railway, Union Pacific (USA), IBM, Petro-Canada, Telus/AGT, US West Communications (USA), EPCOR and Nova Scotia Power. He has also published two  highly-recognized text-books:  "Integrated IT Performance Management (2016)" and “Integrated IT Project Management” (2004), by internationally acclaimed publishers.  

Originally from the Caribbean-Trinidad, his academic qualifications include an MBA (Edinburgh Business School), Bsc (University of Alberta), and professional designations-PMP (PMI Institute), P.Mgr., CIM (Canadian Institute of Management), and CCP (Institute for Certification of Computer Professional). He is a Public Member of Alberta Health –College of Alberta  Psychologists (CAP) Council –appointed by the Lieutenant Governor,  Vice-President of the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP-USA), on the academic advisory board of Athabasca University and; formerly  VP-Professional Development-PMINAC and formerly Director on CIPS Alberta board. He is an author, speaker, lecturer, and currently owns an IT consulting and research company.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Information Technology (IT) Project Management
    Information Technology (IT) Performance Management

    Professional Expertise -
    Chief Information Officer (CIO); Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    PMP-Project Management Professonal  (PMI-USA)
    P.Mgr - Professional Manager (CIM-Canada)
    CIM-Canadian Institute of Management (CIM-Canada)
    CCP-Certified Computer Professional (ICCP-USA)

Personal Interests

    Information Technology Consulting and Research;
    IT Project Management and IT PerformanceManagement training cources



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Integrated IT Performance Management - 1st Edition book cover


Integrated IT Performance Management book- 1 Page Synopsis

By: Kenneth Bainey
Subjects: Business & Management



HAVE You thought about:

  • How to transform your organization to a culture of Information Technology (IT) Performance Excellence?  
  • How to effectively integrate Business and IT  Strategies with IT Operational  Execution ?  
  • How to measure the performance results of this integration, using the Balanced Scorecard?  


Are you in search for real-world practical scenarios on how performance results are managed, monitored and measured?  Then click on the link,   written by a retired Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO), with extensive experiences in the private, public and academic sectors in Canada and the United States.  Check out this recently published book by internationally recognized publisher: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis.


In Chapter 1, sections 1.5 to 1.8, you will find discussions of real-world problems and solutions on the management and delivery of IT services.   You will gain preliminary insights on how to manage, monitor, and measure IT performance results that focus on strategic alignment with IT operational execution using accountability for results (results-based management (RBM) and results-based budgeting (RBB). This is demonstrated using integrated IT performance measurement dashboards and predictive performance analytics tools and technologies. Section 1.8 provides further details on the chapters to reference for measuring the management and delivery of IT services.     


This is the first book in the market that demonstrates how to bridge the intelligence gap between strategy and operational execution, during the management and delivery of IT services, using real-life illustrations. Performance management is   been viewed quite differently in practice and theory, resulting in this huge intelligence gap. This book provides real-life scenarios on how strategies are aligned with IT operational execution, using real-life integrated IT performance  measurement  dashboards.  Chapter 6 – Integrated IT Service Delivery Life Cycle Performance Model   and Appendices A – F provide real-life examples that IT and business leaders, managers and delivery staff, academics and researchers, can easily apply within the context of their existing IT and business environments.   Chapter 7-section 7.6.3 provides suggestions on how to transform these theories into practice, using a more practical transformation change agent of people/culture, politics, process and performance scenarios.   


Readers with IT and Engineering background will obtain a comprehensive set of real-world strategic directives definitions for each of the functional areas of the IT service delivery life cycle, with practical real-world illustrations of how strategic directives align with IT operational execution, using integrated IT performance measurement dashboards.  These re-useable  real-life examples are model-based, flexible and sustainable, and as such can be readily applied to any particular IT environment. The benefits that can be realized from these examples in preventing rework, expensive management consulting fees, etc., can range in 10%-20% annual savings of  IT investment dollars. The readers with business executive and management background will  obtain a much clearer and complete understanding of how IT investment dollars are being spent, as well as the areas of improvements, using more evidence-based decisions  rather than the traditional educated guesses, emotions and intuitions. This lack of adequate understanding has usually resulted in questionable politically-type decision making results.  

University of Alberta Alumni New Book Trail - Spring 2016

By: Kenneth Bainey
Subjects: Business & Management



Integrated IT Performance Management

by Kenneth Bainey, ’72 BSc, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press,

Drawing on the author’s 35 years as an information technology professional, this textbook demonstrates the value of integrating performance, strategic and operational management by creating a practical, results-driven measurement and accountability framework.

Featured CIPS Member Book: "Integrated IT Performance Management"

By: Kenneth Bainey
Subjects: Business & Management

Featured CIPS Member Book: "Integrated IT Performance Management"

Kenneth R. Bainey, MBA, Bsc., PMP, P.Mgr., CIM, CCP, is a retired senior information technology (IT) professional, having served 10 years as a CIO with 35 years of industry experience, and 10 years as a consultant, performing leadership roles in performance management and implementation of numerous business application systems in private, public, and academic sectors in Canada and the United States. He has functioned in the roles of CIO, senior performance manager, enterprise/systems architect, and IT management consultant at many organizations in Canada and the United States, where he implemented various components of this “results-driven performance measurement and accountability framework”—integrated IT performance management (IPMF-IT)™.

My involvement with CIPS goes back to the start of CIPS in 1988, with Marilyn Harris and the late Gary Hartford. In 1990, I was awarded the Charter Member status and the I.S.P. professional designation. In 2001, I rejoined CIPS  and have been an  active member since, and served on the CIPS Edmonton Alberta Board as one of the Directors from 2003-2006.  I was a speaker at many CIPS dinner meetings in Alberta and at CIPS National conference in Montreal.  As a continued member of CIPS, Vice-President of Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP-USA), member of the advisory council for Graduate Students of Athabasca University and public member of the College of Psychologist Council, Ministry of Health, Government of Alberta, I continue to support, promote and influence professional designation practices and code of ethics to improve the quality and credibility of the working environments. 

Here is a link to my new book titled : “Integrated IT Performance Management”, by internationally recognized publisher-Taylor and Francis/CRC Press. You should check out the reviewers and their remarks, including former Deputy Minister-Jay Ramotar and many university professors, including U of A professor-Sami Fahmy.  Contracts signed by the publisher with US and Canadian Universities.  There are discussions and practical solutions to IT Management and Delivery, across the entire IT Life Cycle, using integrated dashboards.  I am sure you all will find it informative and revealing.




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