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Jon Duncan Hagar

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An industry-recognized mobile/embedded systems testing expert, readily offering my wealth of experience to others. I practice context-based testing (how you test depends on your context). I travel & teach software-systems testing at conferences & private tutorials. I am sought by various government agencies & private industry for advice & direction on testing embedded/handheld device s/w. I am briefed of latest technologies through personal research and through worldwide networking.


Jon is an industry-recognized mobile and embedded systems testing expert and readily offers his wealth of experience to others.  He practices context based testing (how you test depends on your context).  Jon travels and teaches software and systems testing for conferences and private tutorials.  He is sought by various government agencies and private industry for advice and direction on testing embedded and handheld software.  He constantly learns the latest technologies through personal research as well as through worldwide networks of like-minded thinkers who devise innovative approaches such as that of “attacking” software to find bugs.
Jon is a member of the Association of Software Test (AST) and IEEE as well as being a voting and author member on numerous ISO and IEEE standard committees.  He is currently the project editor of IEC/IEEE/ISO 29119 Software Testing Standard, due to be published in 2013 and editor of the Object Modeling Group’s IEEE Standard on OMG.  He is past member of several professional societies and certification boards:  Software Quality Users Group of Denver (SQuaD), and American Software Test Qualification Board (ASTQB).  He has taught hundreds of classes and tutorials in software engineering, systems engineering, and testing throughout the industry, at universities and as a paid private tutor for various industries, such as NASA, HUD, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DOD, and other government agencies.  He has published over 40 articles on software reliability, testing, test tools, formal methods, and embedded systems.
Jon presents regularly at numerous industry working groups and conferences and has provided materials for inclusion into several colleague’s books, including Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster’s “Experiences of Test Automation” and Lisa Crispin’s “Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams.”  He also holds a patent on web test technologies.
Jon’s work interests include software testing, verification, validation, product integrity and assessment, system engineering, handheld and embedded software, Agile, reliability and measurement, automated test support tools, formal methods, integration, management, and quality assurance.


    M.S., Colorado State University, B.S. math & computer science Metro State College of Denver

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    combinatorial testing, model-based testing, test automation, handheld & mobile devices, & error taxonomies for embedded systems

Personal Interests

    downhill skiing, breaking things



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices - 1st Edition book cover



Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Software officially published

By: Jon Duncan Hagar
Subjects: Computer Science & Engineering

Released as one element of the Innovations in Software Engineering from CRC Press, Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Software should be on every tester's bookshelf to use every day and to give tester's more skill in their testing toolbox. Educator's in the field of software should use this book as a reference when teaching software development, software engineering, and especially software testing.

“Using the framework of attacks popularized by James Whittaker’s books, Jon Duncan Hagar describes those that are relevant here and extends the approach with new attacks specifically for mobile and embedded systems. He provides detailed information and guidance on how to test more effectively and efficiently in the mobile and embedded world. … Jon shows you what to test and how to test, giving ideas that you can use to do better testing of mobile devices now and save yourself serious trouble later on.
Jon’s extensive experience (much of it in the embedded world), his thorough research, and his deep knowledge give this book a solid foundation and provide helpful guidance and steps to take in applying testing attacks to mobile and embedded devices.”
—From the Foreword by Dorothy Graham, Software Testing Consultant

“Every tester who wants to keep current needs to read this book, and you can read with confidence knowing you are being guided by the best in this business. … Learn by doing, with this book as your guide.”
—From the Foreword by Lisa Crispin, Agile Testing Coach and Practitioner

Using a mix-and-match approach, Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices presents an attack basis for testing mobile and embedded systems. The book focuses on attack-based testing that can be used by individuals and teams. The numerous test attacks show you when a software product does not work (i.e., has bugs) and provide you with information about the software product under test. The book guides you step by step starting with the basics. It explains patterns and techniques ranging from simple mind mapping to sophisticated test labs.

Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Software 


  • Provides over 30 specific software test attacks needed to find bugs/errors in today’s mobile and smart devices
  • Explains how to create test labs, facilities, and tools to aid in conducting the attacks
  • Addresses white and black box test approaches as well as risk-based testing, model-driven tests, agile testing, and mathematical approaches
  • Details the error taxonomy upon which the attacks are based
  • Presents checklists for user interface and game evaluations
  • Includes practice exercises in each chapter


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