Ingrid  Hjelm Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ingrid Hjelm

Associate Professor
University of Copenhagen

Author of The Samaritans and Early Judaism (2000); Jerusalem’s Rise to Sovereignty (2004); co-edited with Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme, Myths of Exile (2015) and with Thomas L. Thompson, History, Archaeology and the Bible Forty Years after Historicity (2016), and Biblical Interpretation beyond Historicity (2016), in addition to a considerable number of articles within the field of Samaritan studies, the history of ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible.


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Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Academic administrative and organizing skills
    1. Director of Palestine History and Heritage Project (2014-).
    2. General Editor of Copenhagen International Seminar Series (2011- ).
    3. Member of Board of Directors of Société d'Etudes Samaritaines (2004 -).

    Organizer of:
    1. PaHH Project workshops in Ramallah 2014 and 2015.
    2. International Conference Changing Perspectives. Past, Present and Future, Copenhagen 2013.
    3. Exile and Identity Session, Europaean Association of Biblical Studies (2012-13).
    4. Old Testament seminar, Fac. of Theology, KU (2009 - )
    5. Samaritan Studies Session, Europaean Association of Biblical Studies (2003-2004, 2009-2013).

    • 2011, The Samaritan Medal for Peace, Humanitarian and Academic Achievement
    • 1997, University of Copenhagen’s golden medal for the price essay Samaritanerne og den antikke jødedom (rev. Eng. publ. 2000).


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Myths of Exile - 1st Edition book cover