Stephen Barrett Levine Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stephen Barrett Levine

Co-director, Center for Marital and Sexual Health
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

I have enjoyed the process of sharing my ideas about sex, relationships and love throughout my 43 years of psychiatric practice, teaching and research. My clinical experience always begins with patients' distress. It has been gratifying to attempt to alleviate these concerns through the ideas expressed in my articles and books. It has also been quite pleasing to me to grow into the role of editor of the Handbook, now in its third edition, to help others express themselves more efficiently.


I have enjoyed sharing my evolving knowledge about sex, sexual identity, relationships and love through writing, research, lecturing, reviewing manuscripts and editing through out my four decades of practice.  I have never left clinical work and am constantly challenged by patient distress to find ways of understanding and alleviate their concerns.  Over the years I have felt that is best done with warmth and a sophisticated understanding of individual development and sexual development in particular.


    MD, Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio 1967

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Clinical sexual problems
    Research into drugs for sexual dysfunction
    Gender identity transitions

Personal Interests

    Ballroom dancing
    Children and their children



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