Raoul  Adam Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Raoul Adam

Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Education
James Cook University

Raoul has over twenty years of experience in education. He has worked as a senior secondary school teacher and senior university lecturer in educational philosophy and psychology. His research concerns education for 'wicked problems' and the interaction between different ways of knowing and being (i.e. onto-epistemology). His theory of bi-relational development (BirD) maps complex social problems (e.g. fundamentalism) in relation to salient dyads (e.g. conservative/liberal, spirit/matter).


    PhD, University of Queensland
    MEd (Hons), James Cook University
    GCCS, University of Queensland
    BEd (Hons), Queensland University of Technology

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professional Expertise: Educational philosophy, Educational psychology.
    Areas of Research: 'Wicked problems', Epistemological Development, Fundamentalisms, Teacher education.

Personal Interests

    Travelling with my family, sunsets and campfires.



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Wicked Problems and the Reconciliation of Opposites

Published: Apr 14, 2016

A conceptual introduction