Louise Elizabeth Fryer Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Louise Elizabeth Fryer

University College, London (UCL)

Louise Fryer has been an audio describer since the National first started offering the service in 1993. In the mid-90s, Louise spent 18 months working for the BBC, launching a pilot Audio Description Service as part of the Audetel project. She has described television programmes, videos and DVDs for the RNIB, IMS and ITFC. Louise also writes and voices audio guides for museums and galleries, and advises curators on ways to make collections more accessible to blind and partially sighted visitors.


  Louise Fryer has an MSc in Reasearch Methods in Psychology and a PhD in Experimental Psychology fusing her interests in sensory compensation and presence with her practice as an audio describer. Her thesis was titled
Putting it into words: The impact of visual impairment on perception, experience and presence,  
Supervisors: Prof. J. Freeman; Prof. L. Pring at Goldsmiths, University of London
Synopsis: To:
∞ Explore the role of vision in shaping crossmodal correspondences
∞ Test responses in imagery to linguistic and non-verbal sound stimuli in people with and without sight
∞ Compare verbal and perceptual navigational strategies in people with and without sight
∞ Identify optimal content of audio description to maximise immersion and the sense of ‘presence’ i.e. the feeling of ‘being there’
Louise Fryer was also, for many years, a presenter for BBC World Service (1988- 1997) and BBC Radio 3 (1997 - 2014)


    Archaeology and Anthropology (BA), Clare College, Cambridge
    MSc: Research Methods in Psychology. 2010 Goldsmiths London

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I'm fascinated by what sensory loss reveals to us  about perception and, when it comes to immersion in art(s) how language can compensate for direct sensory experience. I am currently working with a company of blind actors (Unscene Suffolk) exploring issues around Judgement in AD


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