Louise Fryer has an MSc in Reasearch Methods in Psychology and a PhD in Experimental Psychology fusing her interests in sensory compensation and presence with her practice as an audio describer. Her thesis was titled
Putting it into words: The impact of visual impairment on perception, experience and presence,  
Supervisors: Prof. J. Freeman; Prof. L. Pring at Goldsmiths, University of London
Synopsis: To:
∞ Explore the role of vision in shaping crossmodal correspondences
∞ Test responses in imagery to linguistic and non-verbal sound stimuli in people with and without sight
∞ Compare verbal and perceptual navigational strategies in people with and without sight
∞ Identify optimal content of audio description to maximise immersion and the sense of ‘presence’ i.e. the feeling of ‘being there’
Louise Fryer was also, for many years, a presenter for BBC World Service (1988- 1997) and BBC Radio 3 (1997 - 2014)
Archaeology and Anthropology (BA), Clare College, Cambridge
MSc: Research Methods in Psychology. 2010 Goldsmiths London
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
I'm fascinated by what sensory loss reveals to us  about perception and, when it comes to immersion in art(s) how language can compensate for direct sensory experience. I am currently working with a company of blind actors (Unscene Suffolk) exploring issues around Judgement in AD