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Paul W. McMullin, SE, PhD, is an educator, structural engineer, and photographer. He holds degrees in Mechanical and Civil engineering, and is a licensed engineer in numerous states. He is a founding partner of Ingenium Design, providing innovative solutions to heavy industrial facilities. Currently an adjunct professor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, USA, he has taught for a decade and loves bringing project-based learning to the classroom.

Subjects: Built Environment


I have been fortunate to have a varied career, ranging from consulting to academics. I suppose it may be job ADHD, but it has given me some challenging, rich experiences. The only constant in my life has been my family.

I started my career as a lab rat in a fluid mechanics lab. I then spent several years as a steel detailer, and eventually worked in the structures lab at the University of Utah, breaking things. My first engineering job was with EQE, a seismic risk mitigation company. Feeling the new PE itch, I started my own consulting firm at the same time my teaching interests began to develop. In 2006 my family and I moved to New Mexico to teach full time. Eventually Utah drew us home, and I took positions with a commercial design firm, and then a heavy industrial engineering and construction company. Realizing I don't make a good house pet, I started Ingenium Design with two talented partners, Scott Adams and Kevin Churilla. We specialize in seismic design and bulk material handling in the heavy industrial world. We enjoy the flexibility of being self employed, though unnerving at times.

My academic career started in 2004, teaching Concrete Design at the U of Utah in Salt Lake. New Mexico Tech expanded my love of teaching and I have continued as an adjunct professor at the U of Utah in the Architecture program. I love seeing students grow and progress.

The Architects Guidebook to Structures series was born from my course notes. It has been a tremendous challenge to write, but exceptionally rewarding.

On the personal side, my wife Kari and I have been married close to 20 years. We have three amazing children. Ruth who is a dancer and artist, Peter who plays soccer and the bagpipes, and Kate (aka "Beast") plays soccer, roller blades, and collects hair bands. We spend time together hiking, doing yoga, working in the yard, sometimes arguing, and playing lots of soccer.

In my little spare time, I am a passionate photographer. I focus on fine art nudes, in black and white film. I am amazed by the human form and love the story it tells.


    BS Mechanical Engineering, U Utah, Salt Lake, 1998
    PhD Civil Engineering, U Utah, Salt Lake, 2003

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Seismic retrofit
    Bulk material handling
    Engineering education

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