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Alex Adams

I am an Early Career Researcher and I published my book, Political Torture in Popular Culture, with Routledge in 2016. I am interested in the literary, filmic, and popular cultural representation of political torture. Specifically my work engages the interpenetration of political and cultural discourses; I am keen about postcolonial literary and cultural theory, continental critical theory, feminism, human rights, thriller fiction, and film.


I finished my PhD in Newcastle in 2014, and ever since I have been writing and publishing and doing a bit of teaching.


    BA Hons English Literature and Creative Writing, Derby
    MA Modern and Contemporary Studies, Newcastle
    PhD, Newcastle

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The intersection of literary, philosophical, political and cultural discourses; the relation between affective and intellectual aspects of cultural texts.

    I've written about masculinity, children's literature, comedy, thriller fiction, series TV, and documentary, all with a focus on the representation of political torture in the context of the war on terror. I am influenced by postcolonial literary and political theory, feminism, and continental theory.

Personal Interests

    I'm passionate about reading and movies, which is why I love my work so much. In my spare time I walk my dog Roo.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - The Torture Debate - Adams - 1st Edition book cover


The Lion and the Unicorn (Johns Hopkins UP)

Guantanamo Boy and the Task of Critique

Published: Jan 11, 2016 by The Lion and the Unicorn (Johns Hopkins UP)
Authors: Alex Adams
Subjects: Literature

This essay critiques Anna Perera’s young adult novel Guantanamo Boy (2009). The essay investigates the text's intellectually and ethically timid anti-torture critique, which fails to address the complexities of the positions assumed by those who would justify torture.