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Evelyn Duesbury

Writer and counselor educator

I teach by writing about use of my researched and award-winning Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID). My American Counseling Association (ACA) credentials include distance credentialed counselor, licensed professional counselor, and continuing education provider. Topics covered in my published works include relationships, counseling, writing, and meditation.


My first employment was for lawyers at a large industrial company in our home state of Iowa, U.S.A. There I became a Certified Professional Secretary (CPS).

Next I completed accounting degrees and passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams.  While in New York City where I graded CPA exams (an encouragement from our then teen-aged son -- "Go now, Mom, and I will go with you" --) a colleague suggested that I apply to teach accounting. Teaching was far from my aspirations for professional work.

By synchronicity I did teach accounting. Here's how it happened: While in neighboring state Wisconsin for an auditing interview, my husband suggested, "Ev, drive on down to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville." I hesitated because the accounting department chair hadn't responded to my letter application to teach.

Down at Platteville, the accounting department chair interviewed me on the spot. He said he hadn't responded to my application because "out of state people were usually only interested in short-term employment.” In person, though, he listened.

After ten years as Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, dreams, nighttime dreams, led me to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and to an MS degree in Counselor Education. During my thesis work another synchronicity event happened. Though I intended to complete my thesis during 1999, the thesis committee rejected my "story form" thesis; it took me until the turn of the twenty-first century (2000) to complete a standard form thesis.

Recall Sigmund Freud waited until the turn of the twentieth century (1900) to publish his The Interpretation of Dreams. The Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams, subject of my thesis, was published 100 years later. By the way, the university chose my thesis as Thesis of the Year 2000.

Since then I have continued to use my "inner counselors," my nighttime dreams, to guide my onward profession as counselor educator by way of writing.


    MS Counselor Education, UW-Whitewater, WI, 2000
    MBA University of Northern Iowa, 1984
    BA University of Northern, Iowa, 1976

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise


    A General Population’s Ability to Use the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID). (November 1, 2005 to May 1, 2006). With Aneneosa A. G. Okocha, Ph.D., Professor of Counselor Education, UW-Whitewater.

    Study of the PMID Dream Interpretation Model’s Usefulness for Personal and Professional Development. (March 1, 2005 – March 1, 2006). With David Van Doren, Ed.D, Associate Professor of Counselor Education, UW-Whitewater.

    Utilizing Dreams from a Systemic Perspective to Understand and Mollify Relationship Issues (Pilot study). (May 15, 2000 – August 11, 2000). With David Van Doren, Ed.D, Associate Professor of Counselor Education, UW-Whitewater.

    Thesis (2000). Utilizing dreams from a systemic perspective to understand and mollify relationship issues. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. (Chosen Thesis of the Year 2000, UW-Whitewater.)

    EXPLORATIONS (University Internal Review Not Requested)

    During facilitation of Wisconsin American Counseling Association members’ use of the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID). (Summer 2001). With consultant David Van Doren, Ed. D., Associate Professor of Counselor Education, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

    During facilitation of counselor education students’ use of the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID) one-semester course. (Fall 2002, fall 2003, and spring 2004). Consultants to Duesbury were David Van Doren, Ed.D. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Personal Interests

    Family, spirituality, nature, music, observer sports (baseball -- my husband has pitched from youth onward, and continues to pitch when with his best catcher, our son)


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