My name is Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder and I’m an Assistant Professor in the school of Writing, Literature, and Film at Oregon State University. I teach courses in professional, technical, science, business, and web writing, as well as the teaching of writing, digital rhetoric, and new media literacy. I have a PhD in rhetoric and composition, with a focus in technical writing, from Purdue University. My most recent research focused on the relationship of classical rhetoric, technology, and mobility studies and I’ve just finished work on book project that focuses on the same for the Routledge series “Studies in Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Culture.” The book is called Communicating Mobility and Technology: A Material Rhetoric for Persuasive Transportation. I’m switching gears somewhat for my next research project, which will involve more of risk communication and the rhetoric of science and technology. That’s a significant change for me, so right now I’m just trying to read my way into a new field of study.
BSE, Slippery Rock University
MA, Case Western Reserve University
PhD, Purdue University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Rhetoric, Technical Communication, Professional Writing, The Teaching of Writing, Science Writing
Personal Interests
bicycling, home brewing, reading, swearing at my garden