In 1996, Gráinne Smith, head teacher and workshop presenter, felt helpless as well as shocked when – after her daughter told her she’d been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, binge/purge type – she asked their GP how best to support Jay, what to avoid doing. His answer was ‘You know as much as I do.’  Realising that doctors are trained only to recognise symptoms and make a diagnosis, Gráinne searched far and wide for information before realising that such a book didn’t exist. Believing strongly in coordinated support through good all-round professional/family and collaborative care, this was the beginning of much research and listening to the experiences of many others – all of which contribute to Gráinne’s non-fiction work and ongoing campaign on the need for shared relevant information, WHATEVER THE ILLNESS OR CONDITION.    
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Building effective all-round care and support through constructive professional/caregiver communication in all areas of health.