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Reza Arjmand

Lund University

Reza Arjmand is Associate Professor at the Department of education, Linnæus University, Sweden.


Reza Arjmand is senior lecturer at Department of Sociology, Lund University. Prior to joining Lund University, Reza taught and conducted research at the Centre for middle Eastern Studies, Lund university and Department of International and Transcultural Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University and Institute of Middle Eastern Studies of Columbia University and Department of Education at Stockholm University.
His main research interests include Islamic education, education of Muslims at home and Diaspora, everyday life of Muslims, urban sociology and computer aided qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS). He has conducted a number of studies on education of Muslims in various Muslim countries including Iran, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and among Muslims in Sweden, Denmark, England, Russia and The Netherlands. Reza has been guest lecturer, researcher and advisor at UNESCO, IDEA, World Bank, Stockholm University, Amsterdam University, Oslo University and Karolinska Institute.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Everyday life
    Middle Easter Studies
    Urban Studies


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Public Urban Space, Gender and Segregation - 1st Edition book cover


Handbook of Islamic Education

Islam and Education in the Modern Era

Published: Sep 19, 2017 by Handbook of Islamic Education
Authors: Reza Arjmand
Subjects: Education

Islamic education in the modern era has been at the crossroad of globalization, rapid economic development, social changes, and resurgence of rival religious ideologies. Islam as a global force has affected other forces and has affected by them, and along the way the Islamic education has changed to adapt to the realities of the modern world.

International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research

Islamic Education

Published: Apr 23, 2015 by International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research
Authors: Holger Daun, reza Arjmand


International Review of Education November 2005, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp 403–426

Education in Europe and Muslim Demands for Competitive and Moral Education

Published: Sep 11, 2005 by International Review of Education November 2005, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp 403–426
Authors: Holger Daun, Reza Arjmand

While European education systems fundamentally rest on a rather monolithic world-view, some of them are explicitly oriented towards Christianity and others are comparatively secular. Apart from this, they differ in the way that they offer opportunities for Muslim minorities to enjoy a modern and competitive as well as religious-moral education. ....