Daniel Mark Goodyear Gerrard Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Daniel Mark Goodyear Gerrard

Convener of history
University of Warwick, International Foundation Programme

I am a historian of England in the high middle ages, particularly concerned with the ways that medieval thinkers understood social order, and with eleventh and twelfth century historical writing. This has informed a range of research projects from ecclesiastical and military culture to aspects of urban history. I teach history for Oxford University, Study Skills for Oxford Brookes, and have just joined the University of Warwick's International Foundation Programme.

Subjects: History


I began my career as a researcher with doctoral study at the University of Glasgow from 2006-2010, under the supervision of Professor Matthew Strickland and Dr Stephen Marritt. On submission of my doctoral thesis, I moved to Oxford, where I taught Medieval History for St Peter's college and Merton College from 2010-2014. Since the end of that appointment, I have remained a member of Oxford's History Faculty, done extensive teaching for the Middlebury-Oxford Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and carried out research for the Victoria County History of Wiltshire. More recently, I have taught Study Skills at Oxford Brookes University. In September 2016, I joined the faculty of the University of Warwick's International Foundation Programme.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Ecclesiastical culture.
    Canon Law.
    Historical Writing.
    Military History.
    Urban History.
    Historical Education.


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