Terry  Victor Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Terry Victor

Lexicographer/language commentator

Co-editor with Tom Dalzell of The New Partridge Dictionaries of Slang and Unconventional English and extrapolations; Terry is a regular on BBC 5 Live's Up All Night "Grammar Phone-in" and contributor across the BBC Radio network. Currently working with Antonio Lillo on a Dictionary of Rhyming Slangs.


In a T&F context Terry is co-editor of The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and
Unconventional English ('.... The Best of the Best, 2006', American
Libraries Association; '....A great book' Susie Dent) (Routledge 2005 &
2012); Concise NPDSUE (2007 & 2014); Sex and Vice (2008); consultant on
Language of the 19th century for The Forgotten (2010); Unconventional
English in a Conventional Setting (Alicante Journal of English Studies,
2011); Gestural Slang, chapter in Global English Slang (Routledge,
2014). The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English,
2nd Revised is the first major slang dictionary with a searchable online
database: co-design and implementation of taxonomy.
Terry also works as a writer within the performing arts.
His performed theatre work includes: Awkward Turtle Flips the Bird [an immersive exploration of gestural slang] ('....it demonstrates that a theatrical experiment performed with a gentle
flourish can be both interesting and exciting' Theatre Wales); Fragments
of Ash ('A seriously intelligent and very important piece of theatre',
Informed Edinburgh ****); Man:Evil; No Offence (a play about freedom of
expression); Who's Guilty Now? (Scotsman ****, Guardian 'pick of...í);
Two Old Corinthians (The Abacus, Cardiff); Anissia (Sherman Studio);
Memoirs of a Lunatic (King's Head, London, Sherman, Cardiff and national
tour); Well-Thumbed (Night Out); Hans My Hedgehog; The Perplexing Puzzle
of the Pedigree Pet and the Policeman (First LIFT, published by NPN);
parts of Nowhere Now Here (NTW); The Death of Golden Age Fiction
(Brooklyn, NY); parts of Punchdrunk's Masque of the Red Death (BAC); and... 40+
audience-interactive whodunnits for Murder on the Menu.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Slang, rhyming slang and areas of English use that challenge conventional standards and censorship.
    Contemporary grammar usage.

Personal Interests

    His Twitter profile [@TheTerryVictor] describes him thus: actor, writer, director, lexicographer, story-teller, anti-censorship campaigner, political animal; married, bespectacled, mostly happy...

    He lives and works in the playground. As a professional actor his wider areas of interest tend toward the obsessive needs of needs of any particular performance and time.  He is active in the performers' union Equity.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - NEW PARTRIDGE DICT SLANG 2VOL - 1st Edition book cover


Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses. No. 24

Unconventional English in a conventional setting

Published: Dec 24, 2011 by Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses. No. 24
Authors: Terry Victor
Subjects: English Language & Linguistics

This article is a personal reflection on the pivotal role of Eric Partridge, how his personality and experience shaped his lexicography, and how the inherited ‘spirit’ of Partridge is invested in the new dictionaries that bear his name. The process of translating an established dictionary model to a digital environment is not without technical challenges but these are outweighed by new opportunities to gather and define previously unclassifiable items.