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Dr. Onsando Osiemo is a legal practitioner in Nairobi, Kenya. He specializes in international trade law, particularly regional integration. He is also a keen researcher in international agricultural policies and food security in Africa. He has published several papers in international law journals.


Dr. Onsando Osiemo has practiced law in Nairobi , Kenya for over 20 years. His practice areas mainly center on commercial law and constitutional law and international trade law. His academic interests encompass the law of the WTO, international agricultural policies and law and African food security. He earned his LLM and PhD in law from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dr.Onsando Osiemo's research interest are centered on WTO law, international agricultural policies and laws, and African food security.

Personal Interests

    Dr. Onsando Osiemo is interested in the impact of globalization on vulnerable developing countries. He is also passionate about the role of food in society and its impact on development.


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Oxford Reports on International Law

Case Note: Russian Federation – Measures on the Importation of Live Pigs, Pork and Other Pig Products from the European Union (Russia – Pigs (EU)), Panel Report, WT/DS475/R, ITL 162 (WTO 2016), 19 August 2016

Published: Jan 06, 2018 by Oxford Reports on International Law
Subjects: Law

Article examines international standards, regional conditions, control, inspection, and approval procedures, and risk assessment under the WTO SPS Agreement.

Journal of World Trade 52.1 (2018): 143–162.

Saving Africa: The GMO Cold War and the Battle for Africa.

Published: Jan 04, 2018 by Journal of World Trade 52.1 (2018): 143–162.
Authors: Onsando Osiemo
Subjects: Law

This article delves into the extent the GMO cold war has played out in Africa.

African Journal of International and Comparative Law

The Last Frontier: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards and Technical Regulation

Published: Jan 01, 2015 by African Journal of International and Comparative Law
Authors: Onsando Osiemo
Subjects: Law

This paper assesses the NTB provisions in three representative African RTAs:COMESA, EAC and SADC.53 It focuses on provisions relating to SPS standards and TBT regulations and the legal frameworks put in place to discipline such measures. The paper delves into the paradox of African countries’ loud protest against developed countries’ NTB, generally, and SPS standards and regulations, in particular.

Legal Issues of Economic Integration

Lost in Translation: The Role of African Regional Courts in Regional Integration

Published: Jan 01, 2014 by Legal Issues of Economic Integration
Authors: Onsando Osiemo

This paper appraises the paradox of the leading role played by the European Court in European integration and yet its clones, amongst them the African Regional Courts, have failed to play a similar role in African regional integration.