Sharon Schildein Grimes Knox Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sharon Schildein Grimes Knox

Assist. Director of Pre-Major Advising
Duke University

Twenty-three years after completing a bachelor's degree in music from Westminster Choir College, Princeton, New Jersey, I entered the history graduate program at Duke University. I was awarded a M.A. in 1979 and a Ph.D. in 1986. My dissertation focused on the evolution of the British National Health Service. The work was published in 1991 as part of a Garland Series of Outstanding Studies and Dissertations, edited by Peter Stansky.

Subjects: History


My interest in a national health service began in 1964 with my first work position. I became an editorial assistant to the Vice President of the American Hospital Association. It was a pivotal year, as Medicare would be introduced shortly. An adviser from the Nuffield Trust in England, Gordon McLachlan, assisted us in the transition. We wrote a weekly newsletter to all affiliated hospitals explaining the necessary administrative changes.

Married to a medical student, we moved to North Carolina for his urology residency and I worked in the Director's Office of Duke Hospitals. Entering graduate school I planned to focus on an eighteenth-century subject but kept returning to my interest in health care. As I remarried an English resident, following the death of my late husband, I became the recipient of N.H.S. care. Now that I am a Canadian resident, once again I experience excellent health care.


    Ph.D., Duke University, Durham, N.C., 1986
    M.A., Duke University, Durham, N.C., 1979
    B.M., Westminster Choir College, Princeton, N.J., 1964

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I continue to follow developments in the British N.H.S. I am presently working on a manuscript far from my primary research interests. It involve chapters on transitions in ideology between England and America concerning Methodism and the evolution of Sunday schools. This came out of a study of sermons given in central Illinois in the 1860s-1870s, of which I have the originals.

Personal Interests

    My interest in music has been lifelong. As an undergraduate at Westminster we performed regularly with the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra. While at Duke I sang with the Duke Chapel Choir and toured England, Poland, Germany,the Czech Republic and China. Singing with my students was a memorable experience for us both, seeing the countries we had previously studied. I also sang with professional choirs which toured Russia, Central Europe and Italy. After fifty-two years, I have recently resumed piano lessons.

    My other interests include cooking, sewing, knitting, gardening and travel. Marrying again as a widow, we have a total of eight children, thirteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
    My two adult children, John Harlin Grimes Jr. and William Scott Grimes, live in North Carolina.