Rawan Asali Nuseibeh completed her PhD fellowship at Durham University in 2014 at the Schools of Applied Social Sciences and of Government and International Affairs. Her field of research included educational and social exclusion in areas of conflict, with a focus on Jerusalem. The thesis was later transformed into a book which was published by Routledge in November 2015 under the title “Political Conflict and Exclusion in Jerusalem: The Provision of Education and Social Services”.

The thesis explored the issue of educational exclusion in East Jerusalem. It tapped into issues of educational and social exclusion in the State of Israel, and the differential governmental spending on the education sector and its effect on the socio-economic gaps in Jerusalem. The study also touched on gender issues in the field of education and the prospects of higher education for Palestinian women; the limitations they face in pursuing their desired fields of study and later the careers of their choice.

Rawan did her Msc. degree at Durham University in 2008 in Social Research Methods. She used research methods in her professional work as the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator at the Faisal Husseini Foundation and later at Search for Common Ground Jerusalem. She has also been teaching a course for undergraduate students at Al Quds University on Social Research Strategies. The course offers the epistemological and ontological considerations of research, the difference between positivism and interpretivism and how the different philosophies inform the research strategy, the difference between objectivism and constructionism and how each views social phenomena and the relationship between theory and research (deductive and inductive theory).

She is currently working on a postdoc at the Hebrew university researching educational exclusion and social mobility, the different life trajectories of youth in Jerusalem based on the type of education they get, particularly females, and the additional barriers they face in accessing higher education and penetrating the Job market.
PhD Sociology and Social Policy , Durham University UK 2014
Msc. Social Research Methods, Durham University Uk 2008
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Sociology and Social Policy
Political Conflict
Research Methodology
Monitoring and Evaluation