Judith Gurney Edwards Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Judith Gurney Edwards

consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist
Tavistock Clinic

As a child and adolescent psychotherapist for over thirty years I have been observing babies in seminars, working clinically with children, adolescents and their families, teaching theory and clinical practice to students, and linking the discipline of psychoanalysis with the arts


As a consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist for over thirty years I have watched and thought about babies, treated children, taught students and made links with the arts in order to extend meanings beyond my own field. I have published  internationally in the field , and wrote a memoir Pieces of Molly (published Karnac) which gave an account of my 'ordinary life' which resonated with many people in terms of their own... I also wrote a leaflet HELP! which is a guide to psychotherapy for parents and children, (available via the Harris-Meltzer Trust website). On a personal note I started up a website www.cansurviving.com following a cancer diagnosis five years ago which now has a large following as an international group built site, addressing the mind, the body and the spirit in the healing process.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Psychoanalytic practice and theory

Personal Interests

    I feel fortunate to be in a field where life intersects and creates a rich and rewarding professional life- I am interested in how this links with the arts and am particularly interested in poetry and sculpture. I also take photographs and rejoice in a happy family life.


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