Dr. James Magrini has taught Western Philosophy and Ethics at the College of Dupage for over a decade and was named the 2013 Outstanding Part-Time Liberal Arts Instructor by the college. He is the most recent recipient of the 2015 Dr. Michael Oliker Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Philosophy of Education - Given by the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education.

Magrini has just completed co-authoring a book with Professor Elias Schwieler (University of Stockholm) titled: Heidegger During the "Turn": Literature, Poetry, and Education. This book will be published by Routledge Press, New York (Forthcoming August 15, 2017).

Magrini has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles in journals on philosophy, education, and film such as Philosophy Today, Existentia, Philosophical Writings, Analysis and Metaphysics, Review of Contemporary Philosophy, Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Curriculum Matters, Senses-of-cinema, and Film-Philosophy. His chapters, "Empedocles" and "Sophocles" appear in Patricia O' Grady's (Ed.) Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece (Ashgate Press).

His most recent publication is the forthcoming: "Skepticism in the Era of Post Facts and Alternative Truths," Skeptic Magazine.
Bachelor's Philosophy Elmhurst College
Bachelor's Fine Arts Elmhurst College
Associate Applied Sciences College of Dupage
Doctor of Philosophy/Education National College of Education
Master's Philosophy DePaul University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Magrini's current research is focused on Heidegger and the "Turn" (philosophy or thought of the 1930s and beyond) as related to critical theory, literature, and the re-conceptualization of education. This includes the writings of Heidegger wherein he attempts to overcome the fundamental ontology of Being and Time, transcending the ontological distinction and the metaphysics of presence. Magrini is also researching the development and evolution of the European phenomenological-Hermeneutic tradition in contemporary philosophical thought. This includes the phenomenology of Husserl, the "existential" phenomenology of Heidegger and Sartre, and the contemporary practice of phenomenology as exemplified in the work of Dreyfus, Gallagher, Zahavi, Smith, and Dahlstrom - i.e., philosophy arguing the "potential" intersection between phenomenology, philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, and neurology. Magrini is also interested in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics, and Education.