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Janusz Turowski

Technical University (Retired)

Janusz Turowski, PhD, DSc. El. Eng. Full professor (Retired in 2003) in Electric Machines, Applied Electromagnetics and Mechatronics. Technical University of Lodz (TUL) Poland. http://webs.uvigo.es/arwtr2007/html/80_Anniversary_JT.html


Janusz TUROWSKI, Professor DSc 1963, PhD 1958, MSc, Electr. Eng. 1951, Honorary Doctor (Honoris Causa) University of Pavia (Italy) 1998. Full professor 1964- (Retired 2003) in Electrical Machines, Applied Electromagnetics and Mechatronics. Since 1949r. with the Institute of Electrical Machines and Transformers (Now Mechatronics and Information Systems 2003-), VDean (1964-69) and 1stVRector (1990 -96) of the Technical University of Lodz (TUL) Poland. Full Professor and Dean (1999-2010) in Dept. of Intelligent Information Systems, Academy of Humanities and Economics (AHE) - Lodz. Full Member of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences (1999-). Member of Ukrainian Academy of Sci., Senior Member IEEE (1988-2001), Member of CIGRE-Paris (1964-2001).
Born 1927 in Kowel, Poland. Deported (1940-46) by Soviet ocupant to Siberia. Graduated from the TUL with a: MSc and Electr. Engineer 1951, to Full Professor (1978-). Director of the Institute of Electr. Mach. and Transf. (1973-92).
    President (1976-82) of Polish Assoc. of Theoretical and Applied Electrotechnics - PTETiS. Member (1978-09) and Vice-Chairman (1999-2003) Electrical Committee Polish Academy of Science. All-country coordinator of fundamental research in Analysis and Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields (1980-90), Chairman (1979-2001) and Honorary Chairman (2001-) of biennial "Intern. Symposiums on Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering -ISEF". Member of: Polish Main Council for University Education (1990-96), Honorary President (2004-) of Polish UNESCO-UNISPAR Working Group Soc.
    Member of Council for European Education by the Minister of National Education (1996-99) and Sci. Council of Technology Agency (1996-97). Member of EC/PHARE Higher Education Steering Committee (1996-97). Member of: SEFI (1992-96), "Alliance Universities for Democracy"-USA (1992-96), "International Compumag Society" (1996-03), of The New York Academy of Science (1994-95), UATI Administrative Board, Paris (1999-2002).
President of Polish UNISPAR Working Group Soc. (1996-), Coordinator of EuroUNISPAR Network (2000-05) and joint Baltic Sea Innovation Network BASIN (1999-05), past Editor in Chief of journal "Polish Innovation Market", and others.
Author or joint author about 310 publications, including 20 books and 35 chapters in joint books in Poland, UK, USA, France, Germany, Russia, China, India, Japan, NATO etc.; cited by other authors about 1000 times, in which more than 210 abroad.
Main individual books: "Technical Electrodynamics" (Warsaw 1968, 1993, Moscow 1974), "Electromagnetic Calculations of Elements of Electrical Machines and Devices" (Warsaw 1982, Moscow 1986), “Fundamentals of Mechatronics” (Lodz, 2008, widely used as a textbook in many Polish universities, currently being translated into English).
     Joint author and Editor of books: "Analysis and Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields" (Polish Acad. of Sciences 1990), "Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering"  (New York 1989, London 1990, 1992, 1994), Joint author "Computational Magnetics" (London 1994), "Modern Electric Drives (NATO Sci. Series), "Electric Machines” and others. One of main designers of big ELTA (ABB) Transformer Works.
Consultant in Transformers and Electric Machines Works in Poland, China, India, Australia, USA, Canada, etc. Invited lectures in Universities and Companies in Italy, USA, UK, Japan, Russia, China, India, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Germany, Brasil and others. Supervisor of 18 PhD and 3 DSc successful thesis. Author of 450 referee opinions.
Member of ca. 30 International Steering Committees of Conferences in: China 3, Japan 2, Turkey 3, India 2, Russia 4, UK 2, Italy 2, Romania 2, Hungary, Australia, PHARE, Greece 2, Algeria, Poland 10, Spain ARWtr (many times).
Chairman and member of the Editorial Boards of "Rozprawy El."(1975-87) and member of "Archives of Electrical Engineering" 1988-96 of Polish Academy of Sciences, international scientific journals "Electromotion" and "Australasian Journal of Engineering Education", of ARWtr4 Intern. Techn. Committee, and ICEM4 Editorial Board.
     Recipient of State Crosses "Polonia Restituta" (1973) and higher rank (1991). Honorary "Medaglia Teresiana" (1998) and "Volta Silver Medal" University of Pavia, Italy (1999). Honorary Member of Polish Assoc. PTETiS (1986), Honorary Chairman of ISEF (2001), 20 scientific and organizational awards of the Minister of Higher Education. 2009 State Cross the Exiles of Siberia (from the Fallen President Lech Kaczynski). 2010 Medal for the 30-year participation in the action in the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarity” and fidelity to its ideals, and others. 1st Award of Polish Federation of Techn. Societies. "Technology Master'2001" award for Program RNM-3D applied in over 44 transformer works and research centers all over the world. Medals of Polish Electricians Associations SEP for Merit in Polish Transformers and Power Systems. 2004, Silver Medal of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences "For a prominent contribution to the development of the world science, education technology and international cooperation".
     Wife Maria (Prof., Univ. of Lodz), two sons: Marek (PhD in Electronics, Director at CFD Research Corp. Huntsville and Silicon Valley USA) and Grzegorz (PhD Med., Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon, Chicago USA).


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