Kevin  Burke Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kevin Burke

Assistant Professor English Education
University of Georgia

My research begins at the confluence of the fields of Curriculum Studies, Teacher Education, and English Education. My work, then pushes at the edges of what gets studied in these fields around issues related to queer studies, masculinities, religion, race, literacy, and civic youth engagement. Unifying this work, disparate in theoretical traditions and methodological approaches, is a commitment to the study of discourse and its effects on students, teachers, the curriculum, schools and society.

Subjects: Education, Religion


My research uses curriculum theory as a way to engage the fields of English education, cultural studies, and teacher education with the goal of complicating current understandings the discourses that inform education.  In order to do that work he draws deeply from queer theory, theology, masculinities studies, literacy and critical geography.  All of my thinking is fundamentally concerned with possible lives particularly in relation to schooling and its effects.  As such his work, cutting across a number of theoretical fields and frameworks, centers primarily around questions, as from Ahmed (2006), of ‘how [it is] possible, with all that is possible, that this form is repeated again and again?” (p. 82).  His focus on im/possibility requires thinking deeply around issues of grievability and precariousness, and particularly attending to the “the frame(s) that blind us” (Butler, 2010, p. 100) when it comes to the forms and kinds of questions that get asked about and through research.  Such work coalesces into four distinct and ongoing projects a.) research on the hidden curriculum of religion in public education; b.) research that establishes a paradigm of critical Catholic Education research; c.) work that queers notions of relationality tied to affect in schools; d.) work that seeks to build youth participatory action research through youth civic engagement.


    PhD, Michigan State University, 2010
    MA, Boston College, 2006

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Areas of Expertise:                                          
    Teacher Education
    English Education
    Religion and Public Schooling
    Youth Participatory Action Research
    Catholic Education

    Research Interests:

    Curriculum Theory
    Religion and Education
    Gender and Sexualities
    Civic Youth Engagement
    Queer Theory
    Space and Place



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Youth Voices, Public Spaces, and Civic Engagement *Greene* - 1st Edition book cover


Resacralization and the Sacred/Secular Divide

Published: Oct 26, 2016

Overview of ongoing research in the field of religion and education, thinking particularly about the hidden curriculum of religion in US public schooling.