Tom J Kauko Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tom J Kauko

University of Portsmouth

In my last three positions: as Senior Lecturer in Real Estate at Oxford Brookes University, UK, as Associate Professor in Urban Geography at NTNU, Norway, and as Senior Researcher at OTB Research Institute, Delft, The Netherlands, I have carried out research on urban real estate, housing and land-use. My current interest is in strategic issues such as valuation, sustainability, urban renewal, resilience, and innovations, and related spatial development and planning issues.

Subjects: Built Environment


Senior Lecturer in Real Estate at Oxford Brookes University, School of Built Environment 2015-2016.
Associate Professor in Urban Geography at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management, Department of Geography 2006-2015.
Senior Researcher at OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies, Delft University of Technology 2001-2006.

Associate Expert of the United Nations Economic Commission For Europe (UNECE), Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA), Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM), 2010-present.
RICS EU Advisory Group on Sustainable Property Investment and Management 2008-2010.

Academic labourer with c. 70 publications (articles, books, chapters and other works) and over 90 conference presentations since late 90s.


    PhD in Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University, 2002
    MSc (Tech) in Land Surveying, HUT, 1994

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Wide remit within Real Estate and Urbanism.

Personal Interests

    Promotion of approaches based on principles of sustainability and heterodox economics. Opposition to strongly political or ideological approaches to urban affairs and real estate economy. Passion for true research and belief in incremental improvement of the built environment.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Pricing and Sustainability of Urban Real Estate - 1st Edition book cover


At last my book is out!

By: Tom J Kauko
Subjects: Built Environment

Just read it myself and I have to say that for once I am very happy with the way things panned out! Everything seems to be in its place the way I intended and, wherever copy editing has been applied, it is for the better only! Honestly, in my view this is one of the best books in its genre! This is somewhat surprising to myself, as this initially just was meant as a collection of papers found in the desk drawer.

Why did I embark on this? The main source of inspiration for using this kind of structure is a collection of essays by Wassily Leontjef, from 1950s. On the other hand, I have long time already tried to design a new approach to urban and real estate economic analysis (if you can say that anything, anymore, in this world is truly 'new', I don't know, but perhaps 'new' for this field of studies). Therefore, when the publisher asked me to tie together these essays into something more coherent, I did not protest. I think here is now a clear beginning and end to a coherent study, rather than just different pieces stapled together. 

The main difficulty was to agree on a cut-off point. In this field, work gets outdated quickly, they say. However, in this case I have stopped my analysis at a date three to four years back, when I realised that, apart from own problems with time-keeping, the merger of publishing houses will cause slowness of the editing process anyway. I was right. Here is very little material after c. 2012-2013. However, here is more than enough takes on a long period before that (so roughly the two decades up to the financial crisis and the start of the crisis itself; the era of neoliberalism and globalization gospel; when sustainable development still was not a huge thing), and from various places I have seen and that I find interesting. I hope the reader agrees with me.