Gino  van den Bergen Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gino van den Bergen

Programmer / Director

Gino has been involved professionally with interactive physics since the beginning of this century. He developed the SOLID collision detection library that has been applied in top-selling game console titles, such as the Formula One series for PlayStation2. He currently works as contract programmer and technical director on 3D visualization and game projects.


    PhD, University of Technology, Eindhoven, 1999

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    3D Gaming and Virtual Worlds



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 Featured Title - Game Physics Pearls - 1st Edition book cover


GDC09: why game developers benefit from dual numbers

Published: Sep 14, 2012

Hear me evangelizing dual numbers in C++ for automatic differentiation and line geometry. This has been posted on an Intel blog.

Procedural real-time landscape Sony Playstation 3

Published: Sep 14, 2012

This is some footage from a terrain engine I worked on together with Ebor Folkertsma (programmer) and Kim Goossens (art director) for SCE London. The world is 40K x 40K kilometers and is non-repeating. It contains four different seamlessly blended vegetation types (jungle, desert, highlands, mountains) that seamlessly blend. Everything is procedurally generated from a 20MB data set.