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John Madden

Electrical Safety Consultant

John Madden CEng FIET provides consultancy support on electrical safety engineering throughout the UK. He spent 21 years working for the Health & Safety Executive as HM Principal Inspector of Electrical Engineering during which time he investigated over 80 fatal accidents and acted as an expert witness. He has lectured widely on electrical safety and drafted many of the HSE's guidance documents on the topic. Prior to that he spent 16 years as an electrical engineer in the Royal Air Force.

Subjects: Law


My first career as an engineer in the Royal Air Force focused on ground-based sensor systems, principally long range air defence radars, and command, control and communication systems. I had a particular interest, including research interest, in high frequency over the horizon radar, especially systems using surface wave propagation.

Following that, my 21 years working in the UK's Health and Safety Executive as a Principal Specialist Inspector led to me inspecting electrical systems and machinery, and investigating very many accidents on them, in all industrial and commercial sectors.  This included investigating over 80 fatal accidents and appearing in court on many occasions as an expert witness.  Based on that experience, I have lectured on engineering safety, delivered many training courses, and drafted or contributed to British and European Standards and a considerable amount of published guidance on the topic.

I now work part time as a self-employed consultant on electrical safety.


    BSc Hons, Heriot Watt University; Edinburgh, 1975
    MSc, Birmingham University, Birmingham, 1986

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My areas of expertise are, firstly, the safety of electrical power systems and the safeguarding of machinery, with regard to both the engineering and the safe working practice elements that are essential components of system safety; and, secondly, compliance of systems and working practices with health and safety legislation. This necessarily embraces safety management practices in workplaces with electrical and machinery hazards.

Personal Interests

    My family (including my 3 grandsons), trying to play the guitar, and doing my best to understand and speak Spanish.


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