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Cesar Marolla

A modern-era polymath, Cesar Marolla is an environmental science leader, strategist, guitar virtuoso, composer, martial artist, published author, and lecturer. He has brought strategy concepts to bear on many of the most challenging problems facing corporations and societies, and collaborating with world leaders from the World Bank, United Nations, Harvard, and Columbia University. He has traveled extensively and worked in sustainability, climate change, disaster management, and public health.


Cesar Marolla is a modern-era polymath with a vast and rich career that encompasses the arts and science world. Along with many of his accomplishments, Mr. Marolla has competed and won titles participating in Judo tournaments and obtained a Black Belt (1st. Dan) in Shaolin Kung Fu. Since he was 9 years old, he became an accomplished guitarist and his technical ability took him to travel the world recording and performing with major international artists in Europe, North and South America, Middle East, and North-east Africa, such as Frank Sinatra, Grammy winner Bebu Silvetti, and world-renowned jazz master Al Di Meola. He also released two music albums and considered by many media outlets and experts as a virtuoso guitarist, entering the "Beethoven" Conservatory of Buenos Aires and obtains the diploma of the superior teacher of guitar at the age of seventeen. Also study theory, harmony, and composition, in addition to receiving four years of "jazz" lessons with prominent jazz master Walter Malosetti. By the age of sixteen Marolla was already considered a guitar virtuoso, with his name later included in the 2004 Guitar Encyclopedia written by prominent musicologist, guitarist, pedagogue, and composer Francisco Herrera.

A music prodigy since an early age and accomplished martial artist, Cesar has not stopped in pursuing other interests. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Columbia College, and a Master's degree from Harvard University and published his thesis: Climate Change Impacts on Health: The Urban Poor in the World's Megacities, he embarked on international talks in prestigious conferences such as United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Conference of the Parties, Harvard Global Health Institute,  and the University of Miami Climate and Health Symposiums just to mention a few, among prominent world leaders in climate change, and public health.
Cesar’s knowledge spans a significant number of topics, and he is renowned to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve global issues affecting today’s society.  Marolla built frameworks and pragmatic solutions using risk management and risk mechanism design models to develop and implement policies, and policy solutions to achieve social, and economic equality and environmental protection for sustainable development.

Cesar Marolla is the recipient of the 2013 Harvard University Derek Bok Civic Prize Award that recognizes creative initiatives in community service and long-standing records of civic achievement. He also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Pentagon for his volunteerism supporting US troops in the Middle East and Northeast Africa under the umbrella of the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Moreover, he received a “Military Coin,” which is given as a token of affiliation, support, patronage, respect, honor, and gratitude, and presented by the Camp Victory Commander in Kuwait, Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence J. Smith.

He has earned a bachelor of science from Columbia College and a master’s degree in sustainability and environmental management from Harvard University. He is also a graduate of the Executive Program in Sustainability Leadership at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health— The Center for Health and the Global Environment and a member of the Harvard Advisory Council for the Sustainability Curriculum. He has written “Climate Health Risks in Megacities: Sustainable Management and Strategic Planning” and “Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development” published by the international leading publisher in medicine, engineering, and environmental science, Taylor and Francis Group, and named one of the top 100 best sustainable development books of all time along with Jeffrey Sachs, Jim Yong Kim, and Christiana Figueres publications.

The fervor of intellectual pursuits still requires creativity in arts, the sharpening of the physical body, and the seeking of emotional truth. Cesar serves as a model that living a full life is to live your life to the fullest and live it as a complete whole through many different forms.

Robert Woods, Ph.D.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Sustainability, Public Health, Climate Change, Risk Mechanism Design, Integrated Assessments, Computer Climate Models, Business Continuity, Risk Management.

Personal Interests

    Strategic Planning
    Sustainability and Environmental Management.
    Risk Management
    Sustainable Management
    Sustainable Development
    Climate Change
    The Urban Poor
    Shaolin Kung Fu
    Classical, Jazz, and Flamenco music
    Chinese paintings from the 17th., 18th., and 19th. century


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Climate Health Risks in Megacities - 1st Edition book cover



New book on the works: Disaster Resilience in Urban Environments Facing Global Risks

By: Cesar Marolla
Subjects: Disaster Planning & Recovery

Working on a new book on disaster resilience, climate change impacts on public health, and the urban poor. I developed an integrated assessment model algorithms to measuring vulnerabilities within population density, urban environments and I am currently collaborating with colleagues from Harvard and MIT. 


Cesar Marolla Momentum for Change COP23: ICT Solutions Accelerate Climate Action

Published: Nov 20, 2017

At COP23 in Bonn, a high-level panel of experts held a thought-provoking discussion on the enabling role of ICT in tackling climate change and achieving Sustainable Development. Panel members Harvard educated Cesar Marolla, Sustainability, and Environmental Management lecturer and published author, Luis Neves, Managing Director of GeSI, Catherine Brissette, Environment Specialist of Bell, Canada, and Malcolm Johnson, Deputy Secretary-General of ITU.