Ali  Jamnia Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ali Jamnia

Sr. Technical Manager
Baxter Healthcare

Dr. Jamnia is a seasoned mechanical engineer with over 25 years of innovative product development from concept to market as well as sustaining product experience. He has expertise in both analytical product design as well as failure analysis and resolution using DMAIC.


Dr. Jamnia is an electro-mechanical engineering design and product development engineer with experience in medical, automotive and telecommunications industries. His experience covers areas in computational solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

His career began as a lecturer for Clemson Univ. and shortly thereafter, as a consultant for Reliance Electric (working on residual thermal stress calculations). His tenure continued when he joined Ansys, Inc. to develop technical short courses and seminars. Later, he joined Fluid Dynamics as a research scientist to develop projects under contract to Benz in Germany, Westinghouse and NASA. At Airtronic Services, Inc. Dr. Jamnia worked in the capacity of Director of Engineering and Research and focused his attention to developing products for the medical field.

It was at Airtronic Services where he developed an understanding and an appreciation of a System’s approach to product development. Through observing children with cognitive delays and physical disabilities, he developed an understanding of their needs and hence designed and developed a robust electronic system (called the Learning Station) to address this population’s requirements.

Next, he joined De Amertek Corp. as the “Learning Station” program manager (at De Amertek Corp) to bring this product to market. Later, he joined the engineering team as a senior mechanical engineer (at same company) to develop new products and sustain existing lines.

He left De Amertek to join Hu-Friedy, Mfg., a leading dental instrument manufacturer, first as a senior design engineer and eventually, as the Lead Innovation Engineer. There, he established the concept of the Statement of Work (SOW) as a basis to develop new product ideation and development. The SOW essentially captured the customer’s voice and the marketing’s requirements and augmented it with engineering specifications and it as an agreement between engineering, marketing and purchasing for developing a new product.

In his capacity as a lead innovation engineer, he not only "invented" but also, and possibly more importantly, applied innovative thinking combined with employing state of the art manufacturing methods (such as MIM) to replace less efficient traditional manufacturing methods to reduce piece part cost and eliminate product rework. In addition, he worked closely with marketing, purchasing and accounting departments to develop cost/benefit analysis to evaluate concepts, products and/or manufacturing methods.

Dr. Jamnia joined Baxter Healthcare in 2010in the capacity of senior principal engineer supporting Infusion pumps sustaining engineering. Later, he was promoted to an Engineering Specialist (Sr. Technical Manager).

In addition to his corporate career, he taught an electronics packaging workshop for the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) for a period of more than ten years. The main thrust of his work was to introduce an interdisciplinary approach to design and analysis of electronics equipment.

In short, Dr. Jamnia is a mechanical engineer with many years of innovative product development from concept to market as well as sustaining product experience. He has expertise in both analytical product design as well as failure analysis and resolution using DMAIC. His design experience includes use of a variety of manufacturing methods including plastic and metal injection molding, sheet metal and precision machining. His analysis experience includes mathematical modeling, finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In particular, he has an in-depth understanding of thermal and mechanical issues related to electronic products.

Dr. Jamnia has 12 patent applications published of which 9 patents have been issued; he has published over 20 technical papers and presentations. He is the author of Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics, 3rd Edition, CRC Press, 2016, and Design of Electromechanical Products: A Systems Approach, CRC Press, 2016.

He received his Ph.D. from Clemson Univ. where his primary area of research was application of finite element methods to the hydrodynamic equations in the presence of shock waves and nonlinear fluid-solid interaction.


    PhD - Engineering, Clemson University

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Product Design and Development
    Reliability and Risk
    Engineering Analysis

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