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Cia Sautter

Cia Sautter received her doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union, and is a scholar and performer. Her research and writing examines the intersection of the arts, religion, and values. Whether dancing or acting, her performances also often addresses issues of religion and culture. An innovative and enthusiastic instructor, she has taught a variety of religious studies at college and graduate schools, especially those dealing with World Religions and multi-faith perspectives.

Subjects: History


Cia Sautter is a scholar who also dances, acts and tells stories to translate old tales into modern dramas. With a doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), she brings a wealth of training and experience to her work.

Cia's academic work is inter-disciplinary, and she combined History of Religions with Religion and the Arts for her doctorate. Though her teaching specialty is in World Religions, especially Judaism and Hinduism, because of her broad training she has taught classes ranging from New Testament to Spirituality to Ethics.  Schools she has taught at include College of St. Scholastica, St. Cloud State, United Theological Seminary, and GTU.

Though she has learned many dance forms, Cia now focuses on Flamenco, and studied with master teacher Susana Di Palma for many years. Also inspired by acting study, especially at the Globe theatre in London, she gradually developed Storydance theatre, using a combination of active storytelling and dance. She creates work combining her knowledge and skills, often re-writing Jewish folktales with a modern twist. Locally, she has performed at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, producing her own feminist retelling of the Golem story, called Golmah.  She has also performed at small venues and schools, in larger shows with Anda Flamenco, featured as a soloist in Zorongo student shows, and performed nationally and internationally at conferences and events.


    Ph.D. The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Religion, Arts, and Culture
    Performance Studies in Religion
    History of Religions

Personal Interests

    Spiritual traditions involving the arts and movement, including dance and theatre.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - The Performance of Religion: Sautter - 1st Edition book cover