Michael Betancourt has exhibited his movies, site-specific installations, and non-traditional art forms in unseen, unusual, or public spaces internationally since 1991, at the Black Maria Film Festival, Art Basel Miami Beach, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Athens Video Art Festival, Festival des Cinemas Differents de Paris, Anthology Film Archives, Millennium Film Workshop, the San Francisco Cinematheque’s Crossroads, and Experiments in Cinema among others.

As a theorist, he is concerned with the relationship of heuristic and hermeneutic approaches to media. His understanding of the connections between production and theory are informed by his work on convergence of digital technology and capitalist ideology. His theory of digital capitalism is a materialist approach to globalized financialization, digital technology, and autonomous production. This media critical approach prioritizes audience interpretations over ideology, a central part of the critical framework advanced in his books.
University of Miami, Ph.D. Interdepartmental Studies
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
o digital capitalism
o avant-garde cinema
o glitch art/theory
o title design and kinetic typography
o new technology (theory / aesthetics)
o heuristics
o semiotics
o contemporary art
o motion graphics
o visual music
o media art