Dr Daphne  Skillen Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dr Daphne Skillen

Journalist and Consultant

Dr Daphne Skillen has worked as a journalist and consultant in media, elections and Russian affairs. She has worked with international organisations such as UNDP, the EU, IFES, the Soros Foundation; and as the UK’s DfID Moscow media manager between 1996-1998.


Dr Daphne Skillen has lived and worked in Moscow for many years and travelled extensively through Russia.  She has worked in other countries of the former Soviet Union and in South East Asia in Indonesia and Cambodia.
In 1999, in the Yeltsin era, she was awarded a medal for services to the cause of Russian journalism by the Russian Union of Journalists.
She was a visiting research fellow at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London, 1988 - 1993.

Dr Skillen was born in China and lived in Shanghai until she was twelve , moving to Sydney, Australia where she lived for thirteen years.  She has since lived in England, currently in London.


    PhD University College London (SSEES); Russian Studies
    MA University of Colorado, Boulder: Russian Studies
    BA University College London (SSEES); Russian Studies
    BA University of Sydney: Philosophy, Psychology, Government

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Russian Studies


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Freedom of Speech in Russia - Skillen - 1st Edition book cover


Globalisation, Freedom and the Media after Communism

The Next General Elections in Russia: What role for the Media?

Published: Jan 01, 2009 by Globalisation, Freedom and the Media after Communism
Authors: ed. B.Beumers et al.

The role of the media running up to the Russian elections 2007/8.

Media and the Elections


Published: Jan 01, 2004 by Media and the Elections
Authors: ed. Lange & Ward

Media in Russia

National Identity and Europe: The Television Revolution

Television in Russia and the CIS since the Coup

Published: Jan 01, 1993 by National Identity and Europe: The Television Revolution
Authors: ed, Phillip Drummond, Richard Paterson, Janet Willis

Television in Russia after the coup