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Rand Wilcox

University of Southern California

My main interests are robust statistical methods. This includes ANOVA type techniques based on robust measures of location, robust regression, including robust smoothers, ANCOVA techniques and robust measures of effect size. I have done some work related to multivariate data such as outlier detection methods and methods for quantifying the depth of points in a data cloud. Many of my papers deal with non-parametric techniques. I also collaborate with researchers in various fields.

Subjects: Statistics


I've written 13 other statistics books and have over 340 journal articles, most of which deal with statistical issues. The 4th edition of Introduction and Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (2017, Academic Press) is aimed at individuals with previous training in basic methods.  The goal is to help students and researchers take advantage of the many improvements relevant to basic techniques. I also created with R package WRS, which contains over 1300 R functions for applying a wide range of modern methods.
Understanding and Applying Basic Statistical Methods Using R (2017, Wiley) is a one-semester introduction to statistics aimed at undergraduates or possibly graduate students. It covers all of the standard methods typically covered, but it does not ignore the many advances and insights relevant to basic techniques. Briefly, modern advances provide vastly improved methods for dealing with skewed distributions, outliers and heteroscedasticity.  As demonstrated in hundreds of journal articles, for a broad range of situations, modern methods can provide substantially higher power and more meaningful measures of effect size compared to more traditional techniques. These advances can provide a deeper and more nuanced understanding of data. Moreover, they are playing an increasingly important role in many disciplines.
My CRC book is aimed at a two-semester, graduate level course; it provides a much more thorough introduction to basic techniques that takes into account modern insights. All of my recent books  include descriptions of how to apply both classic and modern methods using R.


    PhD, Univeristy of California, Santa Barbar. (Psychometrics)



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