William Robert Smith Author of Evaluating Organization Development

William Robert Smith

Professor of Marketing
Pepperdine University

Professor Smith practiced business for 10 years prior to pursuing an academic career. This included serving as president of a bank for six years and owning and managing thousands of acres of farmland in several states in the U.S. During this time he spent much time traveling in Europe and the Caribbean Basin in pursuit of business opportunities. Upon completion of his doctoral degree, he began his academic career but has continued to work in business in a consulting capacity.


Professor Smith grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and began his own business practice in his early teens.  After completing his undergraduate studies, he returned home to grow his family's business enterprises.  After 10 years, including great successes as well as failures, he decided to heed a former professor's advice and pursue a career in academia.  His thirty years in the academy have provided him with wonderful opportunities to be involved in growing companies as well as his own interests in the global business community.  He has traveled and done business across the U.S., the Caribbean Basin, Europe, Asia and South America.  Over the past 25 years he has spent much time and developed wonderful relationships in India, China and Thailand.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    In the past several years, Professor Smith has sharpened his interest in pricing challenges confronting businesses, especially those involved in international trade.  He is also quite keen to examine business practices in the area of new product development, especially as it relates to an organization's focus on training its employees to utilize their creativity in the process of generating ideas for new goods and services.

Personal Interests

    Professor Smith's greatest delight in the time he's able to spend with his 5 children and 7 grandchildren.  He especially enjoys spending time with his family in the national forests of his native state of Arkansas.  He lives in the home town of the former U.S. President, Bill Clinton on a beautiful alpine lake.  He and his family enjoy all sorts of recreational activities related to water.


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