Sarah Milledge Nelson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sarah Milledge Nelson

Distinguished University Professor
University of Denver

I am an archaeologist. My archaeological expeditions have been mostly in Korea and China. I taught for 30 years at the University of Denver. I love to travel, and have explored much of the world with my husband, Hal Nelson. We have three sons and six grandchildren. I write both fiction and non-fiction. I earned degrees from Wellesley College (BA) and the University of Michigan (MA, PhD).


Since I came of age before the Women's movement, I married right after college and taught second grade to help put my husband through medical school. Three children and fourteen years later, I finally had a chance to earn a PhD in archaeology. An opportunity to do fieldwork arose when the family lived for a year in Korea, and this became my dissertation. I helped to create the Society for East Asian Archaeology and did fieldwork in China while teaching at the University of Denver.


    Wellesley, BA 1953
    University of Michigan, MA 1969, PhD 1973

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The ancient past of China, Korea, and Japan from the beginnings of agriculture to the origin of states, is the rather broad subject of my research. I am also interested in how archaeologists can find gender in the past. I am particularly intrigued with women leaders, and have written/edited many books on this topic. The queens of the Silla dynasty of Korea have been a particular interest, especially the unacknowledged queen with gold crown and belt, who is unacknowledged in the histories.

Personal Interests

    Travel is my passion. We lived in Germany for 6 years when our sons were very young, and drove around most of Europe and some of the Near East during those years. We also lived in Seoul, Korea for a year, when the boys were school age. From there we explored Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We criss-crossed America for Hal's assignments. Since then we have been many times to the South Pacific, Siberia, Mongolia, the Silk Road, 10 countries in Africa, throughout Southeast Asia, and more other places than there is room for here.



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