Keith James Topping is a university professor of educational and social research, an author of many books and other publications, and an international speaker and presenter. To date, Topping has written 24 books and over 350 other publications including 183 peer reviewed journal papers.  His writing has been published in 12 languages.
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He worked as a residential social worker, teacher and practising educational psychologist for Social Services and Health, before moving to education as an educational psychologist. After working for many local authorities (including Kirklees latterly) and becoming increasingly interested in research, he moved to the University of Dundee in 1992 to establish a new training course for educational psychologists. He subsequently developed a doctoral level course and then become wholly focused on research, training and consultation. He became a professor in 2003. He has extensive experience working with teachers, children and parents in many school districts, as well as with government and non-governmental organizations, in the U.K., U.S. and other countries.

University of Sussex
University of Nottingham
University of Sheffield
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
His main research interest is peer learning, but he is also interested in parents as educators, problematic behaviour and social competence, computer assisted learning and assessment, and inclusion.