Hilde  Van Keer Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Hilde Van Keer

Prof. dr.
Department of Educational Studies

Hilde Van Keer is professor at the Department of Educational Studies (Ghent University, Belgium)

Subjects: Education


In her work, Hilde Van Keer focuses on three main research themes, which are often intertwined in studies. A first theme focuses on innovative teaching methods in education, with an emphasis on peer learning (e.g., peer and student tutoring, collaborative learning), including both effect and process-oriented studies into the underlying dynamics and interactions during collaboration. A second theme focuses on the different components of self-regulated learning. In this respect, both the issue of measuring self-regulated learning as its promotion in educational contexts are dealt with. The third theme centers on the study of reading and writing (instruction) in compulsory education.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Peer learning; self-regulated learning; language didactics, and reading and writing in particular.


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