Fanny  Brewster Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Fanny Brewster

Pacifica Graduate Institute

I'm a Writer of Poetry and Nonfiction. In addition, I work within a Jungian analytical practice with individuals. I enjoy music, theatre, books--all things cultural since a young age. I also especially enjoy speaking with others in lectures and workshops about topics of interest at the crossroads of Jungian Psychology, Dreamwork, Creativity and Ethnic Studies.


I've always enjoyed reading stories since I was a young child.  When I think about areas in which I have worked as an adult and gained life experiences all of them have allowed me to be engaged in language and storytelling--Theatre, Counseling and Writing.  I have been writing poetry and stories  for a very long time.  I have studied Storytelling and acquired a B.A. degree in Literature because it seem the natural thing to do following high school. I guess I'm a lover of words.  So then it seems natural to become a Taylor & Francis Author.


    MFA/ Creative Nonfiction, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Brewster African Americans and Jungian Psychology - 1st Edition book cover


Psychological Perspectives:  A Quarterly Journal of Jungian Thought

Fanny Brewster, Featured Poet: Journey--The Middle Passage

Published: Dec 30, 2016 by Psychological Perspectives: A Quarterly Journal of Jungian Thought
Authors: Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
Subjects: Literature

This article is an interview of poet Fanny Brewster and includes ten of her poems from the manuscript "Journey: The Middle Passage". Each poem is descriptive of some aspect of the experience of Africans beginning from captivity through crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. Author Lowinsky provides a beautiful weaving of narrative words through her description of the "Journey" poems and engagement of the poet in the interview.

Jung Journal:  Culture & Psyche

Wheel of Fire: The African American Dreamer and Cultural Consciousness

Published: Dec 01, 2013 by Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche
Authors: Fanny Brewster

This article explores the Dreamwork completed by C.G. Jung with fifteen African American men in 1912. It explores and deepens our understanding of the importance of culture and cultural associations with an American population that has not been sufficiently reviewed in the Psychology literature.

Quadrant:  Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology

Kensho: The Mirror of Self-Reflection

Published: Jan 01, 2012 by Quadrant: Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology
Authors: Fanny Brewster
Subjects: Asian Studies

This article shows the relationship between Analytical Psychology and Zen Buddhism. It explores zazen, dreamwork and creative practices as very similar avenues for lessening the influence of the ego and promoting more psychological depth.


Spring in New York

By: Fanny Brewster

I will be presenting a paper on "Racial Complexes" at the Journal of Analytical Psychology 14th International Conference themed Dissociation:  Trauma and the Self.