Dennis William Readey Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dennis William Readey

University Emeritus Professor
Colorado School of Mines

The first 12 years of my career after the doctorate were spent in industrial and government laboratories culminating as a program manager in the Department of Energy. The next 33 years were spend doing research and teaching at three different universities. Professional activities have included President of the American Ceramic Society, board member of TMS and ABET, Fellow of ASM, and member of the Space Studies Board and the National Materials Advisory Board as well as consulting.


I was born and grew up in Aurora IL and received a BS from Notre Dame and an ScD from MIT in what is now materials science and engineering.  I spent two years in the army in Washington  DC, was a group leader at Argonne National Laboratory, a group leader in the Raytheon Co., Research Division, and a materials science program manager in what is now the Department of Energy.  I then became professor and chairman of Ceramic Engineering at Ohio State and, after holding the H. F. Coors endowed chair at the Colorado School of Mines for several years, became a University Emeritus Professor at Mines.  I have spent the last several years as an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


    BS Metallurgical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 1959
    ScD Ceramics, MIT, 1962

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Effect of atmosphere on the processing and corrosion of compounds/ceramics;  aqueous corrosion of compounds/ceramics;  nuclear waste materials;  electrical, magnetic, dielectric, and optical properties of compounds/ceramics-electronic materials; metal-ceramic composites; compound/ceramic powder production.

Personal Interests

    Reading, family genealogy, astronomy, model building, photography.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Kinetics in Materials Science and Engineering - 1st Edition book cover


Advanced Functional Materials 18 [20] 3169-3178 (2008)

The Remarkable Thermal Stability of Amrophous In-Zn-O Transparent Conductors

Published: Oct 06, 2008 by Advanced Functional Materials 18 [20] 3169-3178 (2008)
Authors: M. P. Taylor, D. W. Readey, M. F. Van Hest, C. W. Teplin, J. L. Alleman, M. S. Dabney, L. M. Gedvilas, D. S. Ginley
Subjects: Energy & Clean Technology, Materials Science

Amorphous thin films of In-Zn-O having excellent electrical conductivity and optical transparency suitable for solar applications retain their excellent properties and do not crystallize at high temperatures where such materials would normally crystallize and lose their desired properties.