Monika E.  Schoop Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Monika E. Schoop

post-doctoral researcher
University of Cologne

I am a post doctoral researcher at the University Cologne and a visiting lecturer at the University of W├╝rzburg.


I am an ethnomusicologist from Cologne, Germany.  In my research, I have focused on popular music in the Philippines, technology, as well as on Gender and Queer Studies. My current projects explores contemporary musical and media practices that engage with the memorialization of resistance to and persecution by the Nazi regime in Germany.


    PHD, University of Hildesheim, 2015
    MA, University of Cologne, 2007

Personal Interests

    I enjoy playing the guitar and drums and spend way too much time on the Internet.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Independent Music and Digital Technology in the Philippines - 1st Edition book cover