Maureen Jeanne Glynn Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Maureen Jeanne Glynn

Retired teacher and education officer

I taught all primary school subjects and art and design to secondary and EBSD students, over a period of 19 years in London. I developed the Parent Partnership Service for parents of children with special educational needs at local, regional and national level. In Ireland I achieved artist status. I taught art and design to children 7-13 years and adults too. I am now writing for teachers and illustrating a children's novel.

Subjects: Education


I attended Art School, qualified as a teacher of French and Art and taught primary subjects and secondary Art and Design at  KS2-KS4 in London schools over a period of 19 years. I retrained as a careers adviser, managed a YMCA in Essex and became an Education Officer in 1998.
From 2005-2015, I lived in Ireland, worked with families and taught Art from home.
Since 2015 I have returned to the west of Ireland and published a teaching resource for Art and Design, linked the the UK national curriculum, full of tried and tested themed lessons and images of students' art work.


    OU Open Degree 1997
    Teacher's Certificate of Education 1967 Roehampton.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Art Teaching.
    Parent Support.

Personal Interests

    Art and illustration.
    French life.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Art and Design for Children with SEN - 1st Edition book cover