Tracey  Sowerby Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tracey Sowerby

University of Oxford

My research interests cover early modern politics, religion, print culture, and material culture and the interactions between them. At present my work is focussed on English diplomacy in the sixteenth century and the impact that the Reformation, move to resident diplomacy, and expansion of English diplomatic contact beyond Europe had on Tudor diplomatic practices.

Subjects: History


My first book was an intellectual biography of a Tudor statesman and author, Sir Richard Morison (c.1513-1556). Since completing that project I have mostly researched the history of diplomacy from a range of cultural angles and have written about various aspects of Tudor diplomacy including the impact of the break with Rome, the use of portraits in diplomatic negotiations, diplomats information networks, and the material significance of royal correspondence. I have also continued to publish on Tudor political culture, including essays on print culture in Henry VIII's reign and the pageantry of Anne Boleyn's coronation.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Early Modern History
    Diplomatic History



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