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Todd Hayen

Todd is a practicing psychotherapist in Toronto, Canada. He writes and lectures about various topics including parapsychology, the psychology of creativity, ancient Egypt and sacred science, and transformative psychology. His psychotherapy training is steeped in the tradition of archetypal psychology as pioneered by Carl Jung. He holds a PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis on psychotherapy, an MA in Consciousness Studies and a diploma in psychical research.

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Before beginning my academic training in psychotherapy I was a composer working in the film and television industry in Hollywood, California. I provided music for motion pictures and television shows for over twenty years. I grew up in an artistic family as both my mother and stepfather were very successful, and very talented, actors. My two sisters are also very talented graphic artists. After experiencing a profound tragedy in my family, I decided I wanted to devote the rest of my life to helping people cope with difficult issues in their own lives. I believe to be truly effective as a therapist you must have lived a varied and somewhat eventful life. I do believe I have a keen insight into the creative side of being human, which in my opinion is not only expressed in the arts but expressed in all aspects of a full and whole life. I also have experienced first hand great pain and suffering and have an understanding of that obvious aspect of being a complete human being. I have a passion for the discovery of soul in every day life, and also have a passion for helping others discover the same.
Life is filled with many challenges, many joyous experiences, as well as many heartbreaks. The key to a successful life, in my opinion, is to learn to appreciate it all through gratitude, empathy for others, care and compassion for ourselves, and an understanding and awareness of our complex way of being human.

I have a great interest in spirituality and a quest for meaning in our lives. I do not, however, demand any adherence to any sort of doctrine or religious dogma. I also have a great interest in metaphysics, spiritual quantum physics, alternative history, psychical research and parapsychology. I believe through a better understanding of these anomalies in the universe we will bring soul back into our human world-view and we therefore will begin to experience a more loving and peaceful existence.

My work with clients is as varied as the unique individuals that come to me for therapy. Although I am informed by a variety of conventional psychotherapy traditions, and practice them when appropriate, the fundamental core of my practice is seated in a transpersonal psychological perspective. This means I believe that every human being has access to the sacred through their own individual being and that life consists of not only the day to day pragmatism of living but includes as well a deep and profound relationship with soul—the soul of the individual, the collective, and the universe itself. Transpersonal psychology is not religious, and does not assume any belief system's dogma. My approach is humanistic, meaning that I see each patient with unconditional personal regard and hold onto what I believe to be the ultimate truth for all of us—that we are essentially benevolent beings seeking love, as well as having a desire to give love.

I also hold a very powerful personal commitment to the efficacy of psychotherapy and believe, if practiced through a responsible, informed, and soulful manner, it has the power to bring positive change into a person's life. This is a commitment to my patients that I wholeheartedly make without reservation.

I am married to a fellow psychotherapist, Cindy Hayen, and we currently own a joint practice in Aurora, Ontario.


    PhD in Depth Psychotherapy, Pacifica Graduate Institute
    MA in Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute
    MA in Consciousness Studies, University of Philosophical Res
    BM in Music Composition, Shenandoah Conservatory of Music

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Depth psychology in theory and in practice. The psychology of music and music for the cinema. Parapsychology: Crop Circle phenomena, spirit attachments, psi research, Spiritualism in history and practice. Past Life Regression Therapy. Transpersonal and transformational psychology. Male psychology and male psychology issues from a depth psychological perspective.

Personal Interests

    Gardening, Philately, Amateur Radio, Astronomy, Microbiology, Photography, Computers, Hiking, Camping, Music and Composing, Ghosts, Aliens, Psychology, Religion, Spirituality, Cinema.


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