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John Bartlett


Former project and programme director for various business sectors. Now, in retirement, an occasional concert pianist and organist.


After a long career in project management and consulting for a varied public and private client set whilst employed at IBM UK Ltd., John became Head of Project Management for the UK and Ireland at DMR Consulting Group in the late 1990s. Latterly, he was Director of UK Technology Services and a Director of the European Programme Office at NCR Ltd. From 2004, he concentrated on PM consultancy and teaching, acting as an independent consultant. In retirement he continues to maintain thought leadership in his fields and is active with several PM related organisations.

In his career, John has managed and directed several large-scale projects and programmes, including the Implementation of the Euro for NCR, where an extended workforce and multiple stakeholders across 12 countries required novel risk management techniques. At IBM he was engaged in programme and project management on behalf of clients in various business sectors, including government, insurance, banking and finance, retail, automotive and engineering. He was involved in the management of IBM’s Year 2000 Programme in Europe, and formed part of the programme executive team.

He is an Honorary Fellow of the UK Association for Project Management and an APM Certificated Project Manager. He has published many papers in project management subjects and several books, which include: Managing Programmes of Business Change; Managing Risk for Projects and Programmes; and Right First Time – Managing Quality for Projects and Programmes. He also has a strong interest in music and the arts, and has published numerous music compositions and reference books on decorative ceramics.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    John acceded to the title Lord of the Manor of Stratford in 2016, a title previously held by the lords of Tamworth Castle, and he spends time researching the history of this area of North Warwickshire and South Staffordshire.


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