Clive L Spash Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Clive L Spash

Professor, Chair of Public Policy and Governance
Dept. of Socioeconomics, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

Clive Spash is an economist who writes, researches and teaches on public policy with an emphasis on economic and environmental interactions. His main interests are interdisciplinary research on human behaviour, environmental values and the transformation of the world political economy to a more socially and environmentally just system. He pursues this work using a critical and realist philosophy and is developing a politically aware and emancipatory approach called social ecological economics.


Over 30 years, Clive Spash has worked on a range of subject areas and topics from the economic impacts and control of acidic deposition through atmospheric and plant science relating to urban pollution impacts on agriculture to the economics and ethics of human induced climate change and the plural values related to biodiversity. This has also involved moving away from mainstream environmental and resource economics, looking at links with natural sciences, understanding applied ethics, exploring models of democracy and public participation in political science, and linking with social psychology to develop models of human behaviour and motivation. In turn this has led him to question the foundations of accepted knowledge in both the natural and social sciences. As a result he has been exploring a philosophy of science that combines and accepts realism, sociology of science, critical analysis and deconstructs the fact-value dichotomy.  For some time now, he has pursued this interdisciplinary and integrative work within the context of ecological economics.  

He was elected to two terms as Vice-President and two terms as President of the European Society for Ecological Economics. He is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Environmental Values published by White Horse Press, and was formerly Co-editor of Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy. He has over 120 articles published in peer reviewed journals and as book chapters, two monographs and seven edited volumes.  He is ranked in the top 5% of economists in the world (out of 50000 authors), by Research Papers in Economics (RePEc), on multiple criteria including number of distinct publications, downloads, h-index and various citation indexes. Further information can be found at his personal website linked below.


    2000 University of Cambridge, UK; M.A.
    1993 University of Wyoming, USA; Ph.D with Distinction
    1987 University of British Columbia, Canada; M.Sc.
    1984 University of Stirling, Scotland; B.A. with Honours



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Greenhouse Economics: Spash - 1st Edition book cover


Landmark New Book in Ecological Economics

By: Clive L Spash

This book brings together 50 new articles, commissioned by the editor, Clive Spash, from 63 international authors. The Handbook is the most comprehensive single source of original work on Ecological Economics to date. It addresses the meaning and content of Ecological Economics as a field of knowledge covering both critical social and natural science perspectives. A special emphasis is placed upon the importance of social ecological economics.  It dispels the myth of there being no alternatives to mainstream economics and orthodox thinking, analysis and tools.