Mona  Livholts Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Mona Livholts

PhD, Associate Professor
Linkoping University, Sweden

I am Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies at Linköping University, Sweden, Adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Change, University of South Australia, Founder and coordinator of R.A.W., The Network for Reflexive Academic Writing Methodologies 2008-2017.


My personal interest for language and writing and equality came early in life, and after studying the humanities in High school I studied social work and completed my PhD, a methodological contribution to the study of welfare and gender in the Nordic Welfare state context, in 2002. In 2009 I was promoted to Associate Professor and 2014 to full Professor.  
During the years 2004-2005 I was Director of Studies and Director at the Centre for Women's Studies, Umeå University, Sweden and 2008-2017 I founded and coordinated the international interdisicplinary Network for Reflexive Academic Writing Methodologies (RAW).  
I have taken a lead role in developing writing methods for academic and professional development, and discourse and narrative methods. During the last years I developed research and teaching in glocal social work and established international collaboration for conducting research in this area through cross-national approaches.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The main focus of my work is emergent writing methodologies, discourse and narrative methods, artistic research processes and glocal social work. Research themes include media and social work, gender and intersectionality, space, memory and communication. I have published monographs, co-edited and edited volumes in Swedish and English, including, ‘Women’, Welfare, Textual Politics and Critique. An Invitation to a ThinkingWriting Methodology in the Study of Welfare (Dissertation/Lambert Academic Publishing 2011), Emergent Writing Methodologies in Feminist Studies (Routledge Ed 2012), Discourse and Narrative Methods (Sage co-authored with Tamboukou 2016), Social Work in a Glocalised World (Routledge co-edited with Bryant 2017), and a trilogy of untimely academic novellas: ‘The Professor’s Chair’ (2010), ‘The Snow Angel and Other Imprints’ (2010), and ‘Writing Water (2013).
    During 2017 I work with a project funded by the Research Council for Social Sciences and Humanities in Sweden: The Untimely Academic Novella. Situated Writing as Theory and Method.
    I am an engaged writer and facilitator and design and lead writing workshops and seminars in Sweden and internationally for diverse audiences.

Personal Interests

    Writing a diary, writing and reading poetry and novellas, photography, autobiographies.