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Peter Geiger

licensed marriage an family therapist
Peter Geiger Therapy

My clinical approach is humanistic, developmental and empathy-informed, its theoretical base combining systems, Satir and Kohut. My classes, consultations, trainings and workshops are designed to afford participants an experiential understanding of theory; to open awareness to what may lie beyond the client’s presenting narrative; and to explore how best with a given client to balance the goals-based and process-based approaches for optimal therapeutic gain. I welcome readers' email inquries.


I am an educator and writer and marriage and family therapist licensed in California. Between 2006 and 2013 I taught in the counseling psychology graduate program of the University of San Francisco. My book Intentional Intervention in Counseling and Therapy: goals and process in client engagement arises out of my teaching and is motivated by a desire to improve outcomes for clients of counselors and therapists. The prepublication circulation of the manuscript generated acclaim internationally among distinguished clinicians and academics and their testimonials formed the basis of my application for US permanent residence as an “alien of extraordinary ability.” I am in private practice in San Francisco and consult with prelicensed and licensed clinicians on case conceptualization and countertransference.

My undergraduate degree was in Classics—Greek and Latin language, literature, history and philosophy—and I retain an abiding love for the cultures of antiquity and for what they have to teach us about who we are.

Being a therapist is both personal and political. We cannot care about our clients without being concerned, actively, about our culture and our culture's mistakes and the systemic precursors of our clients' emotional issues. It being the systemic clinician's duty to observe and comment on current affairs, I am a prolific writer of letters to the Financial Times newspaper—fifteen have been published in three years. I also am consultant to and fellow of the Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling, an organization committed to identifying best practice in helping children and families to improved lived experience and disseminating the findings to those in a position to make a difference.


    BA, Cambridge University, UK, 1971
    MA, California Institute of Integral Studies, US, 1996

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Case conceptualization; client assessment and treatment plan development; developmental counseling and therapy; individual and family life transitions counseling and therapy; later life counseling and therapy; cross-cultural considerations in counseling and therapy; school-based family counseling and therapy; education of counselors and therapists; analysis and use of projective identification in counseling and therapy

Personal Interests

    The intersection of emotional, physical and environmental health; making more with less; recycling; cooking and eating good food with good friends; ageing well and living decently; continuity; seeing the funny side and, yes, cat videos



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