Martyn Cowan completed a doctorate in historical theology at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of the Rev’d Dr Stephen Hampton with a dissertation entitled ’The prophetic preaching of John Owen from 1646 to 1659 in its historical context'. He gave the 2016 St Antholin Charity Lecture which was subsequently published as Portrait of a Prophet: Lessons from the Preaching of John Owen (1616-1683) (Latimer Trust, 2016).

He has taught at the Cornhill Training Course in Belfast and contributed the ‘Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books’ in NIV Proclamation Bible: Correctly Handling the Word of Truth (Hodder & Stoughton, 2013).
PhD, The University of Cambridge, 2012
MTh (Distinction), Oak Hill College, London, 2004
MA, Queen's University, Belfast, 1999
BA (Hons), Queen's University, Belfast, 1997