Tina  Schermer-Sellers Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tina Schermer-Sellers

Medical Director; Northwest Institute on Intimacy
Associate Professor; Seattle Pacific University

Life dropped Tina into the middle of a Swedish immigrant family who taught her that bodies and sexuality were part of an abundant life expressed by a God and by the people who loved you. This resulted in Tina becoming a family therapist, sex therapist - and after seeing the impact of the purity movement on earnest Christians - author of Sex, God & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexuality Intimacy. This is the first book to offer hope & healing to those affected by sexual shame.


Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD has had a distinguished career as an educator, sex therapist, medical family therapist, speaker, author, consultant, and thought leader. She serves as an Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Director of Medical Family Therapy in the School of Psychology, Family & Community at Seattle Pacific University. Her popular blog is filled with inspiring ideas on marriage, parenting, spirituality, sexuality, and culture.

Dr. Sellers also founded the Northwest Institute on Intimacy, whose mission is to provide training in sex therapy and spiritual intimacy for psychotherapists and to provide a solid referral source for physicians, clergy, and community leaders. Her relentless passion for couples and families to know sexual and spiritual abundance, health and healing have won her several awards and requests for radio, TV and podcast interviews.

Tina's community built website, www.ThankGodForSex.org, is internationally acclaimed. Inspired by the ItGetsBetter.org Project, TGFS brings video stories of people who are healing from religious sexual shame. In addition to personal videos, the website is filled with podcasts of live events, blog posts, a store, and other resources. It is a site committed to bringing voice, education, grace, and solidarity to a community that has been isolated in shame for far too long.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Sexual shame and religious sexual shame
    Comprehensive and holistically trained physicians and behavioral health providers (all domains that represent the patient's life experience: individual, couple, family, sex and spiritual intimacy therapies)
    Women's health; women's sexual health; oncology
    Raising emotionally, relationally and sexually healthy children
    Integrated and collaborative medicine

Personal Interests

    Camping, hiking, kayaking, taking new classes at Esalen, playing and traveling with my family, finding new ways to make a difference with female leaders.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Sex, God, and the Conservative Church - 1st Edition book cover



Waiting for my first grandbaby ... girl due late August!

By: Tina Schermer-Sellers

This is the MOST exciting news of my summer ... waiting for this little addition to our family! 


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