Ann  Werner Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ann Werner

Associate Professor
Södertörn University/Linnaeus University

Ann Werner is a scholar working in the fields of Gender Studies and Media/Cultural Studies. Her main research interets are concerned with gender, power and digital media in the production and consumption of music. She has published many journal articles and book chapters on these subjects. Her latest co-authored book, Streaming music, is coming out on Routledge autumn of 2017.


Ann Werner has worked as a teacher and researcher in Gender Studies at Södertörn university since 2009, starting in april 2013 unitl autum of 2017 she has also acted as head of department.

During 2016 I finished up research in the project "Music use in the online media age: A qualitative study of music cultures among young people in Moscow and Stockholm" together with Sofia Johansson, Patrik Åker och Gregory Goldenzwaig. The project was funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

Before working at Södertörn University I wrote a dissertation on teenage girls, music culture and gender identity at Linköping University. I defended my ph d thesis in June 2009.

My research has often revolved around music and is within the field of Feminist Cultural Studies using both media theory and gender theory and, often, ethnographic methods. The disseration and other projects/articles analyse cultural representations and peoples uses, experiences and production of them.

Besides my work at Södertörn University I have conducted research and teaching at Linköping University and Stockholm University. I manage the production of a series of publications about gender studies in Sweden together with Anna Lundberg, Linköping university, for the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research.


    Ph D in Culture Studies, Linköping University, Sweden, 2009
    Master in Media Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden, 2002

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Gender and music, digital media and streaming, youth and music culture, popular culture and gender


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Streaming Music - Johansson, Goldenzwaig Werner and Åker - 1st Edition book cover