Lilia  Arakelyan Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Lilia Arakelyan

University of Miami

Lilia A. Arakelyan holds a PhD in International Studies from the University of Miami. She has worked on numerous academic and policy-oriented projects, and taught International Studies courses at the University of Miami. Her articles and books chapters focus on Russian foreign policy in the post-Soviet space, different aspects of nationalism, ethno-national conflicts in the South Caucasus, and on international security more broadly.


    Ph.D. in International Studies, University of Miami, 2015

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    • Post-Soviet/Russia’s foreign policy
    • Terrorism, counterterrorism and political violence                                                                                            
    • Ethno-national conflicts in the South Caucasus
    • European and global security
    • International Political Economy
    • Comparative Politics
    • U.S. foreign and security policy


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Russian Foreign Policy in Eurasia - 1st Edition book cover